YouTube Videos Keeps Freezing Problem Solved

The biggest video playing platform is YouTube. A lot of video creators from worldwide uploads their video content here. YouTube has 2 billion youtube user and that is 79% of internet users in the world according to oberlo. Sometimes YouTube videos keeps freezing while playing and sound continues. Many of you must have faced this problem on YouTube.

The freezing problem does not occur only in android or PC. Every smart device users can go through this. You are lucky if you don’t find this error on YouTube. Before we find the solution for it, we have to know the reason behind it. Some of you think this happens because of devices or hardware problem but it’s not true.

Reason of YouTube Videos Keeps Freezing

  • Internet Connection: Poor internet connection is the main reason for video freezing in YouTube and audio is going ahead of the video. 
  • Browser Error: Some mini browsers are not capable of playing high-quality video and it can also be the reason for YouTube video keeps freezing.
  • High-Resolution Video: All video qualities can’t be processed by the browser or the internet connection. Good resolution videos are big in size to play that’s why sometimes they freeze behind the audio of youtube.

youtube videos keep freezing but audio still plays

Solution for Youtube Video Freezing

You could have performed some simple tasks to get rid of these video freezing errors on youtube. Let’s know what are those.

Check Internet Connection

When you are using a low-speed internet connection, the probability is high to youtube video keeps freezing. Connect to a batter internet provider and get a decent speed so you can enjoy youtube videos without any worry.

Change Browser

Some of the browsers can’t handle big sites like youtube. Google Chrome is the best browser for PC users and mobile as well.  Smartphone users can use the youtube app. It’s available on the app store and googles play.

Play on Low Quality

Poor internet connection or screen resolution can’t play high-quality video on youtube. Switch to low resolution for getting the bufferless experience on youtube. You will get bad video quality but no error s also.  1080P and 4K is the best quality of youtube video. Change it to auto or 360P for videos so you can get rid of this error.

youtube keeps freezing android

Reload the Page

The easiest solution is refreshing the playback page. The temporary problem will be gone by doing this. Try to clean the cache and reload it. Press CTRL+F5 to do perform this action. 


Does it happen with any other website or app?

This problem can be shown at any time because of the internet connection or the device. Following the same step, you can solve youtube videos freezing problems and many other internet related problems well.

Is there any youtube alternative for avoiding error?

There is no video playback platform as big as youtube. You will get a huge media library to access via youtube from big to small creators. 

No matter what topic you search on here, you will get the result and youtube is a big platform for learning also. Many students have learned many courses for free on youtube.

How to have a good internet connection on youtube?

If you have a decent connection with the internet, you will automatically get good internet on youtube. You can do a few things to avoid bad network

  1. Turn off downloads from other apps.
  2. Clear all background apps except youtube.
  3. Disable updates while using youtube.

By applying these settings, you can use all your connection priority to youtube.

youtube keeps freezing chrome

How to check my internet speed?

Smart Devices has internet speed meter inbuilt. There are also some third party internet speed check websites and applications, you can try them also. Here are some examples


Youtube videos freezing errors are very annoying sometime so it’s good to know the reason and how to prevent it. Try to contact your internet provider or change your provider to get the best quality of net connection.

Use youtube for good reasons and don’t waste a lot of time there. For more youtube and technology-related content, Comment us.

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