How to Block a YouTube Channel from Android and PC

The world of the internet is huge. here you get all kinds of content you need. Youtube is a big platform to get knowledge about anything. Many creators upload videos to share information with you on youtube. Some content you may not like to watch by your kids. So here we are with the solution of how to block a Youtube channel from your android phone and computer. You won’t find any of the videos from those channels you blocked on your smartphone and PC.

Google gives you more features to be a great parent by offering you parental control on youtube. Restrike those channels from youtube that are harmful to your kids or you. We see some unwanted videos from specified channels that we want to block. Youtube keeps sending suggestions for those videos and you may afraid that in case your kids those videos.

It’s difficult to be with your kids when they are using youtube. Youtube is a good platform learning good things that’s why you have to let them use that. Blocking only a few channels will make you tension free for your kids. Let’s know how to do that.

How to Block a YouTube  Channel

The process of blocking a youtube channel is different in different devices. All device allows you to do the task but you have to use some tricks for that. The general option won’t be found on all devices.

From YouTube Settings

Restrict a channel from a youtube account setting is the best way to block. This setting will be automatically applied in all the devices you are signed in with the same Google account. This process is to let you restrict video without knowing how to block a youtube channel.

  • Open youtube in a web browser from PC or mobile.
  • Sign in to your google account.
  • Click on your photo from the top right.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will find restrict mode.
  • Turn on Restricted Mode.

Youtube will no longer show you any adult content from any channel. No need to know how to block a Youtube channel if you did restrict all of them at once. Not only videos, but it also won’t show you any comments from videos on youtube. Sometimes people do violent and adult comments on good videos too.  That makes youtube safe for your kids like never before.

Kids can use youtube for a long time and you won’t feel worried about that because of this mode. Some parents track the browsing history for their kids on youtube but it won’t be required after turning on restrict mode on your youtube account.

Block a Specific YouTube Channel

If you have a problem with some specific channel on youtube, Block only those channel from youtube settings. Learning how to block a Youtube channel specifically is easy. 

  • Open any browser on your PC or mobile.
  • Go to the channel by searching it or anyhow you want.
  • You will see a flag icon here as you see in the image.
  • Click on it and here you find the block channel option here.

When you block a channel from here,  You won’t find any video from that channel in any of your devices that are signed in with your Google account. Block as many channels as you want so you won’t get any content from those creators.

Use Chrome Extension

Chrome is the most used browser in computers. Almost all operating system supports google chrome. Using an extension will also let you block the youtube channel. Adblocker extension helps you to do that work.

Multiple google account users don’t have to block a channel for every account using this process. A channel that you block from here will be blocked for every user on the browser.

  • Download the video blocker extension from the chrome store.
  • Browse a youtube channel from your browser.
  • Right-click on anywhere of browser and select “Block Videos from this channel”.
  • This will block all the videos from the channel instantly.

The video will be blocked by this process as long as you have the extensions installed on your browser. Never remove the extension if you want to block videos permanently from the channel. Videos will start showing in your youtube if you remove the video blocker. There you know how to block a youtube channel and all his video.

YouTube Kids

This app is made for only kids. The specialty of this app is, it filters all kinds of adult content from your video list. None of the violent or vulgar content can be shown in this app. We recommend using this app for your kids if you don’t want to maintenance your google account manually on youtube.

Animations, Funny videos, and that kind of content are shown on this app. Kids of every age can use this app for entertainment purposes. 

It’s hard to filter the main youtube app for kids. You can’t block all the unwanted channels or videos. There is no guaranty for getting only kids’ content there. Youtube kids are the best choice for your kids.


Is there any alternative to YouTube?

No, You might find a lot of video publication site but none of them has all the information you get from youtube. In case your demand for videos is very specific and you get that from a local website, it can replace youtube only for you.

Does Blocking Channel affect your Google Account?

It’s your personal choice to block a single youtube channel or a few. Google account has nothing to do with that. You can block as many channels you want without harming your google account.


You know which content is good for you and which are not. Make sure you get the necessary videos from youtube. Every other setting will do the same work as always. It doesn’t conflict with other features of youtube. Customize your youtube as your benefits to get the best user experience.

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