How to Create a Playlist on YouTube Using Mobile & PC

Youtube is one of the most popular entertainment media for people of all ages. You find songs, vines, vlog, tutorials, and many other categories of videos here. Youtube can be run on your PC and mobile without logging in any accounts but you will get more features when you are using youtube with your google account. Youtube is a free service of Google that’s why it doesn’t charge you anything. Let’s see how to create a playlist on youtube so you can have more fun here.

Creating a playlist makes your youtube experience more batter. Playlists save on your account that’s why you get the save videos every time you log in to your google account in any device. Making multiple playlists is possible with youtube. You won’t lose any of your favorite videos by saving them in the playlist. Categorize your youtube videos by adding them in a playlist.

How to Create a Playlist on YouTube

It’s an easy job to create a playlist on youtube using mobile and PC. Some playlist is private and some of them are public. The privacy of a playlist depends on the people who create it. A playlist can also be permanent and temporary. We will show you how to make a youtube playlist.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist On Mobile

Every Android and iOS device has a youtube app available on google play and app store. Most of the people have a youtube app installed on their phone. You can create a youtube playlist using the app or phone browser like chrome.

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Follow these images and do these steps to learn how to create a playlist on youtube.

  • Open the youtube app on your Android or iOS.
  • Go to the video that you want to save on the playlist.
  • Click on the three-dot menu from the right of the video or tap on the “Save” button from here.
  • Select the “Save on Playlist”.
  • You will see all the existing playlist you have created before from here. Check the playlist and tap on “Done” to add the video on that playlist.
  • Tap on “New Playlist” to create a new one if you don’t want to add the video to an existing playlist or you don ‘t have any.
  • That’s how you know how to create a playlist on youtube.

Now you will find the video from your chosen playlist on your google account. Every device that is signed in with your Google account will be changed on the playlist when they will be connected with the internet.

How to Make a YouTube Playlist on PC

PC users can know how to create a playlist on youtube with the same way. There are no separate app or programs available for youtube in any computer operating system. Web browsers are the only option to browse youtube on PC. However, browsers provide you all the features of youtube.  You get the full version of youtube in web browsers of all PC operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

  • Open a web browser on your PC.
  • Sign in to your google account and open youtube.
  • Click on the right side three-dot menu of any video or the “Save” button of any video.
  • Here you find all the options for saving the video.
  • Select “Save on Playlist” from here.
  • Choose the playlist where you want to save the video and click done or create a  new playlist first.
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Make the playlist private or public by clicking on the privacy area of any youtube playlist. 

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How to Make a Playlist On YouTube Temporary

Sometimes you need to create a playlist for only one-time use. No need to create a playlist permanently if you are not using them more them one. Youtube lets you create a playlist for once which will be automatically erased after you refresh the tab.

  • Open youtube from Mobile or PC.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu of any video and select “Add to Queue”.
  • This will add the video on an untitled playlist.
  • Add as many videos as possible in the playlist.
  • This playlist will disappear after you refresh the tab or app.


Where Can I Find All the Playlist?

The playlist appears in different places on different devices. Mobile devices and PC devices have different user interfaces.

For mobile, Go to the bottom right tab of your youtube app. Here you find all the saved playlist and watched videos.

For PC users, Press the menu tab from the top left of your browser and click on “Show More” to see all the playlist and subscribed channel from here.

Why Should I make a Playlist?

Playlist helps you to categorize videos of youtube. Youtube gives you the opportunity to divide your Songs, Tutorials, and other categories separately. It’s a ways way to find out favorite videos on youtube.


Youtube is full of good content. Many creators contributed to their arts here and make it a beautiful platform. As the contents are coming from different creators, They are different from each other. Some creators make their own playlist on their youtube channel which helps the visitor to find their necessary videos.

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