Play YouTube Videos on Floating Window

YouTube is an app where we can watch almost all kinds of videos. We spend a lot of our time on this app. You will find music, movies, entertainment, education, fun and many other kinds of videos here. You can use a web browser for watching videos on youtube or you need to download the YouTube app. The app has a lot of features but still has something missing. It can’t play youtube videos on the floating window.

It would be better if we could run youtube videos on the background or just play them in a floating window. We could enjoy the audio of youtube while doing other work on a different app.

We are going to introduce you with an app that can play youtube videos on a floating window and fulfill your need of using an android phone. You can simply download this app from google play store and use it. This floating youtube app takes your multitasking experience to another level. 

You need to download the app first to play youtube videos on a floating window. You can search for Floating Tube (Multitasking) in google play store or simply download it from clicking the link below

This app works perfectly on every device. This app is smooth to run on every version of android.  Bunch of features makes this app different from other apps. Let’s know about them

Floating player multitasking shoukhintech
Floating player multitasking shoukhintech 3
Floating player multitasking shoukhintech 2


Can it Replace YouTube Official App?

All the features available on the youtube app are present here. And there are some major features that this app has but youtube official apps don’t. If we compare in size between both of the apps then we will see that This app is smaller in size. So you can replace the main youtube app with it. It’s very friendly to Play YouTube Videos on Floating Window.


This is an app for those people who love to do multitasking. It will help you to use multiple apps in a single device at the same time.

It’s a very light size app(3.4MB). It won’t be harmful to your device. You can uninstall the main app and use it as an alternative youtube app.


Make your multitasking experience better than ever.  It won’t show you full-screen ads. But some ads are yet available in this app. well, that’s obvious. It’s better than any of the floating youtube app available on google play. See the screenshot i have added to know about the app interface before installing it.

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