Best Torrent App for Android. Download Everything in Free

Downloading anything from torrent is an easy process for everyone now. Most of the peoples download their favorite movies, games, web series and other things from torrent now. People use to download files from torrent by computer but now you can download torrent files from your android phone also. So let’s know about the best torrent app for android in free. You don’t need to pay any charge for this app. You can download this from google play and enjoy it.

Shoukhn Tech doesn’t promote piracy. Don’t use this app for downloading any kind of bad or restricted content. We are only trying to improve your downloading experience. So don’t break any law and download only on pirated content.

Why this is the best app for torrent download?

This app has a very simplified and smooth user interface. People can use it without any kind of lag. It’s developed so well and the features of this app are also quite attractive. There are many other torrent apps are available in google play like µTorrent, Bit torrent, We torrent and many others.

If you used an android app for torrent download then you must have tried those apps before. All those apps have some bugs and sometimes they crash. It affected your download and you could not get the proper file that you needed.

You may think that, why this is the best torrent app for android?. There is some valid reason for that.

Size : Flud is smaller in size compared to all other torrent apps on google play. It’s only 6.6 MB to download. So it won’t be lagging in your android device through your device is low configuration.

Simplified: Download from the fluid is a very easy process to do. You can do it in one click. Not only for downloading, But You can also manage your downloads from this app very simply.

Task Management: Flud is the best torrent app for android because it has the ability to take care of the downloads that you listed in the queue. It gives you a notification about the data connection that you using. You can use only wifi on this app to save your mobile data. Flud keeps downloading your torrent files when it displays turn off and it’s connected to a WI-FI network.

How to download?

It’s very simple to download a torrent file by this app. let’s see how to do that step by step.

Flud torrent 2 shoukhintech

1. Open the Flud App

2.  Click on the “plus(+) button at the bottom.

3. Choose the torrent file from your file explorer and it’s done.

Your download will started soon.

You can see all your download here. Three different tabs are available here to see your downloads

Get all your downloaded tasks list in one place so you can use them. You can also see the processing downloads in the queued section. You can pause all the downloads and resume them in just one click. All these facilities make the Flud the best torrent app for android Tap on the three-dot in the upper right of the app to do that. Many more settings are available here.

Flud torrent shoukhintech


Yes, This flud torrent download app is safe to download and use for your android device. It’s scanned by google play protect anyways.

It will connect you to the best server to enhance your downloading speed. It’s faster than the other torrent app available for android.


Torrent is a very popular way to download files nowadays. Don’t use it for a bad purpose. Many torrent apps are available for android devices in unverified sites. Don’t install them to your device, otherwise, it may steal your data and it will be harmful to you. You are able to use the flud torrent app in your tablet, mobile, and all other android devices.

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