Enable Google Calendar Dark Theme in Any Android

Google calendar app that not only shows you the date but it also saves all your event, holidays and many more. Like all the other apps, Google calendar also supports the dark theme. Use google calendar dark theme even when your android doesn’t have a dark mode option available. Switching from light theme to dark mode in google calendar is easy. 

Most of the android app has a dark mode option in 2020. A huge amount of people like to use their phones in a black theme. As android Q brings you built-in system dark mode, Now you can apply this theme on your whole system. Some apps still use the default light mode but you can switch them to dark mode manually. 

All of you don’t use android Q because many of us using an android device for a long time that doesn’t support android Q. You don’t have to worry about what android version you are using. You can use google calendar dark theme as long as you are using any versions of the android device.

How to Enable Google Calendar Dark Theme

The process of switching from google calendar light theme to dark theme in every android device is the same and simple. Follow the instructions and the screenshots below to enable it.

Step 1: First, download the google calendar from google play store if you don’t have installed it on your phone. Use the link below to download the G calendar.

Step 2: Open the google calendar on your android device and click on the left sidebar menu.

Step 3: Tap on the “Settings”  from the bottom of the settings list.

Step 4: Choose the “General” from the settings.

Google Calendar enable dark theme shoukhintech 1
Google Calendar enable dark theme shoukhintech 2

Step  5: Here you find the “Theme” option to change the theme for your Google calendar.

Step 6: Tap on “Themes” and select “Dark theme” from here and it will switch your Google calendar to dark mode.

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Google Calendar enable dark theme shoukhintech 3
Google Calendar enable dark theme shoukhintech 4

Going back to light mode is also very easy and simple. Follow the same steps and select “Light” instead of “Dark” to get back on light mode. Here you find one other option that is “Set by Battery Saver”. This option will automatically turn on Google calendar dark theme when your battery is low and you enable the battery saver. 

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What is Dark Theme?

The dark theme makes your user interface for the app or system black. Usually, all the apps have a white background color by default. Many people like to have black theme phones or apps that’s why developers introduce you with the dark mode. Recently Google has introduced its Android Q version which has a dark mode inbuilt. Enabling dark mode makes all the google app dark themes automatically.

What are the Benefits of Dark Theme?

Not only android but other operating systems are also developing other dark themes because it has a lot of benefits. Here are some benefits of the google calendar dark themes and other apps.

Attractive: Many people like dark theme looks of any app including me. Some people enable the dark mode in their phones for every app and system instantly after buying the phone. The craze of the dark theme is becoming high day by day. The phone becomes very minimalistic and cool looking after you turn on dark mode on it.

Good for Eye: We use our phone in the night for a long time. The light of the phone affects our eye very much while using. It comes directly to your eyes that harm your eyes. The dark theme reduces the light of your display and makes it comfortable to use your mobile. This is a very useful feature for those people who like to reading or scroll a lot on Facebook or Instagram.

Battery Saver: A big tension for every smartphone user is the battery life of it. The battery is never enough to fulfill our needs. A lot of mobile phones give the worst battery life after some months of use. Dark theme drains less battery from any of your devices. As the bright level of your screen goes low, It starts saving your battery. This is the reason why some of the apps enable dark mode automatically when the battery is low.

Which Android Versions Supports Google Calendar Dark Theme?

Google calendar can enable a dark theme in any android version. The steps for turning on dark mode is the same for all the android versions.


It’s your choice to use dark mode or light mode. Every theme is good in its own way. You have the advantage of selecting any of them anytime. Light theme is good for day time but it bothers a lot in the night when it’s difficult to visible the dark themes in sunlight.

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