How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root in 2020

WiFi is available in almost every places nowadays. It gives you unlimited data to access the internet. Everyone has access to single or multiple wifi networks. But in some cases, People don’t know the password of their connected wifi network. So let’s know how to find a WiFi password on android without root. It works on every android device and no need to download any apps for that.

You can find out the wifi password from your phone settings and share it with other devices. When you are connected with a network, the password of it saved on your device. Get all the saved passwords from your android device without rooting your device.

How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root

Follow these screenshots step by step to find out the password on your android device without root.

Find out wifi password without root shoukhintech 2
Find out wifi password without root shoukhintech
  • Go to thee settings of your phone.
  • Find out backup and restore from there.
  • Choose local backup.
  • Select wifi settings from here.
  • It will take a few minutes or less.
  • The backup file will be moved to your file manager in a folder named backup.
  • Open the backup text file.
  • Here you get all the passwords save in your android device.
From here you get to know all your wifi password in one place without any root. The passwords can’t be recovered by anyone else who doesn’t have your phone access. Android requires a password while downloading that information. Know you know how to find wifi password on android without root but we can connect it without knowing the password also.

Alternative Method

You can still connect to the wifi network that is saved on your friends’ device if you have a QR code scanning feature available on your phone. Some smartphones offer you to connect wifi network by scanning the QR code of another phone that has access to that wifi network. Most of the Xiaomi device has this feature. If you own a Xiaomi phone, Go to wifi settings and click on scan QR code and place the camera to the other phone with the code.

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