Mobile Data Not Working Problem Solved in Any Android

We spend a lot of time in a day on the internet. Mobile devices have fulfilled our wish to access the internet very easily. Smartphone has two option for browsing the internet. One is WiFi and another one is Mobile data. Sometimes you face the problem of mobile data not working. WiFi is a better choice to browse the internet. WiFi is an unlimited data package but mobile data is limited and expensive as well.

Mobile data can be used anywhere but WiFi doesn’t have that much range. It works only in very nearby areas. Mobile data is important when we go out that’s why we will tell you what to do when the mobile data is not working on your android device. You don’t need to connect it to a PC or any other device. 

Why Mobile Data is Not Working

Mobile Data runs from your sim card and sometimes your sim card did not insert well in your device. It could be an internal software problem also. There are a few more reasons for your mobile data not working problem. If you can find out the actual reason for your data connection problem, it will be easy for you to solve the problem. Check all the solutions provided at the bottom to fix your mobile data.

Check APN Settings

Messing with APN Settings can generate this problem and it happens in most of the cases. Open settings and go to APN from your android device. Make sure your APN Setting is as per it’s providers name.  It usually should be the operator’s name. You can also google the setting for your operator. The latest phones don’t get through this but the old one does sometimes.

Reboot the Phone

Mobile data problem can be generated by a software of the device. Reboot or restart the device and check the network connection again. It may solve your mobile data problem and the performance of your phone. Reboot the mobile data setting separately if available. Xiaomi devices have this feature.

Insert Sim Card Properly

Remove the sim card and check that it is corrupted or not by inserting it in other devices. If you find it okay then insert it properly to your device. Do check the sim tray to solve the mobile data not working problem. Clean the dart of your SIM card if there are any.  Clean the SIM tray as well.

Check the Connectivity

The SIM card should be connected properly in your device for working mobile data. Make sure you didn’t disable the SIM card by mistake or intentionally. Turn off the Airplane mode because this mode switches off your mobile SIM connectivity.

Mobile Data Package

You will be able to use mobile data if you have an internet package. Mobile data does not work if you don’t buy a data package. Sometimes you don’t notice that the data package you bought has been expired or fully used. So, Check that if you have available any data or not.

Try all of the solutions one by one to solve the problem of mobile data not working. If none of them work, take your mobile to a repairing shop and get it fixed. We hope that some of these solutions will work on your device and you will be able to browse the internet with your mobile data anytime anywhere.

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