Authentication Error in WiFi Solved on Any Device

Wifi is a wireless connection for mobile and other devices. People connect the router with the WiFi of their devices. It’s a very easy process. Scan the connection and connect it to access the internet. But sometimes you face the authentication error in wifi that won’t let you connect to the network. A few solutions are available to solve the authentication error occurred in wifi problem.

Before trying to solve your wifi problem, make sure that all your connection to the router is fine and other devices are able to browse the internet. It can be the problem of your router connection or the service providers’ technical error.

There are several ways to get rid of this error and we will discuss them one by one. If one won’t do the job, try another one. All the devices are not run by the same software. 

Network Setting Reset

Messing with the network setting can occur the problem. Someone might make something wrong in the settings either intentionally or by mistake. Reset all the network settings to solve Authentication errors in wifi. It resets all your settings including Bluetooth, Mobile Data and wifi as well. Be careful when you are resting your wifi settings. Don’t reset all your mobile while doing that. Follow these steps to reset your wifi settings

  • Open Settings of your phone.
  • Go to backup and reset.
  • Press Reset Network settings.
Hopefully, this will make your wifi connection fixed. If not, you can try other methods also.

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Wireless Settings Change

A few options are available on the wifi network but we don’t notice them. We just enter the password of a connection and connect to it. Check all the options for the best connectivity. Changing them will solve your problem sometime. There are different IP address and settings for every WiFi connection. IP conflict could be a reason for authentication error in your wifi. Two different IP setting is available. You won’t find them generally. Check the advance wifi settings to view all the wifi option.

Clicking the dropdown menu lets you select between DHCP and Static in the IP address. DHCP is selected by default in IP address. Select it to Static and try to connect your wifi again.

Reconnect to the Network

Once you connected to a WiFi network, it won’t ask you for the password for next time. It will auto-connect to your device when you turn on your wifi. But if the password gets changed of the router, You won’t be able to connect the network. It won’t ask for the password either. You have to forget the network and reconnect it again to use that connection. Open your wifi settings and choose the connection name you want to connect with. Click on forget the network and connect to it again by entering the password again. It may fix the authentication error in wifi permanently.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Sometimes your WiFi connection conflicts with your mobile data. These is the only two ways to browse the internet on your phone. Turning on the airplane mode will stop all your mobile data settings and give full priority to your wifi network. If turning on the airplane mode solve your problem of authentic error in wifi then turn it off otherwise you won’t be able to get phone calls or messages in your phone.

Why the Authentic error occurred in WiFi?

The bug is a common issue in every electronic device. No matter how expensive your device is, there are no guarantee that there will be no bug. Developers always try to fix the bugs. Mobile runs a lot of programs at a time and that’s the reason the conflict with each other sometimes. Physical damage can also cause an authentic error in wifi problem. SamsungXiaomi, and other trusted brands don’t face the problem often.


Keep updating your phone to get rid of all kinds of bugs and have a better network performance. Update all the software that is available on your device. Don’t blame the mobile before trying these methods to fix the authentic error in wifi.

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