Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy Fixed Android

Screenshot in smartphones is a very useful service by apple and android both. We often take a lot of screenshots in a day. But sometimes we face errors while capturing screenshots. You can’t take screenshot due to security policy of some apps. All the smartphone company has the same policy because most of them run on the same operating system android. Apple device has the same security policy so iOS device are also has the same problem.

A few tricks are available to take a screenshot in those apps also where you can’t take. You will be able to perform the action and bypass the security policy of an app. Taking a screenshot from the app that shows you notification of “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” is not easy. Follow these tips and tricks to capture screens on private profiles and apps.

Recording a video of your screen from a screen recorder app. Many apps are available in google play store for recording screen. 

Making a video of your screen will not let you see the footage of a secure app all the time. It blanks the screen when you go to the app. Before the screen goes blank, it will give you a peek of the footage from the app. So run the app in the background and go to the place where you want to take a screenshot. Record the video and keep pausing it while playing. I hope you will get the part of the screenshot you want. Now you can capture it from the video.

Why Does "Can't Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy" Appear?

Having an account in social media is very useful but it takes a lot of personal information of yours. Not all want to show that information to everyone. Some want to hide it from unknown persons for security reasons. But if anyone of your list wants to send your information to the unknown person it will be tough for him because the feature can’t take screenshot due to security policy.

Don’t use this trick to harm anyone. Make these tips for useful purposes and help others. We don’t promote illegal cyber works.

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