How to Reset Kindle Fire All Models (Hard & Soft)

Kindle Fire is a product by amazon. It was built for reading e-books. This product was not able to be that successful but some people still use this device. Let’s know how to reset kindle fire of any model. Reset your kindle fire will give you a fresh look and may be fixed some error of this device.

Amazons Kindle Fire has different models and all of them are running on different versions of the software. That’s why restating kindle fire for every device is different. We will show you how to reset the kindle fire of every version one by one. There is two ways you can reset your kindle device. one is a soft reset and another one is a hard reset. 

Hard Reset

Hard reset is a forceful reset to your kindle fire device. Your whole system will be started from the beginning. For performing that task, your device must have a minimum 30% of battery charge otherwise your device will shut down in the half and it won’t start again without flashing. 

Models of 1st and 2nd Generations

  • Open Setting gear
  • Swipe down and click more
  • Click on the device and go to factory restore settings
  • Click erase everything

Models of 3rd to 7th Generations

You can do that as like 1st and second-generation and if that does not work, Use this method to hard reset your kindle fire device.

  • Press the volume down button and power button at a time.
  • It will take you to amazon kindle fire devices recovery mode.
  • Go to the bottom of the list by pressing the volume down button.
  • Select the wipe data/factory reset button.
  • Select yes delete all user data by pressing the volume button.
  • Press the power button to confirm.

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Soft Reset

A soft reset is very easy and secure for your device. It won’t harm your device and it has no effect on your device power. It’s just a simple restart for your device. How to reset kindle fire in soft way is actually very soft.

Models of 1st to 4th Generations (HD & HDX Models)

Press and hold the power button for half a minute and it will automatically shut down. It’s that easy to soft reset kindle fire device.

Models of 5rd to 7th Generations (HD8 & HD10 Models)

It’s kind of same like 1st to 4th generation. But in this case you have to press volume down button with the power button for half a minute and your kindle fire will shut down.

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