How to Reset Kindle Fire All Models (Hard & Soft)

How to Reset Kindle Fire All Models (Hard & Soft) shoukhintech

Kindle Fire is a product by amazon. It was built for reading e-books. This product was not able to be that successful but some people still use this device. Let’s know how to reset kindle fire of any model. Reset your kindle fire will give you a fresh look and may be fixed some error … Read more

How Can You Post gifs on Instagram. Android and iOS

how can you post gifs on instagram shoukhintech

We share a lot of messages on social media every day. Not only text messages but also emoji, sticker and GIF to express ourselves. GIF is the most popular media to share nowadays. But do you know how can you post GIFs on Instagram? Yes, it is possible. We will show you how to do that. You … Read more

Download Adobe Reader for Chromebook. Free PDF Reader

Adobe Reader for Chromebook shoukhintech

Chromebook is a free OS that is developed by Google for personal computers. It has a very simple interface unlike Windows and macOS for the computer. Adobe Reader is very popular among all other adobe products. People use it in windows PC for reading documents like PDF and all. You can run Adobe Reader in … Read more