How to Find Printer IP Address of Any Brand

Many of you don’t know but printers do have an IP address and they are very useful. Finding a printers’ IP address is necessary at some point. Advance printers available nowadays has a lot of cool features that require an IP address. That’s why it’s important to know how to find Printer IP address. A lot of printers don’t have a screen or display to show you the IP address. You can still show the IP address from your computer and that is very simple.

All the brands are different from each other. Each brand has a lot of models of printers. They all work in a different way. That’s why the processes different to see the IP address from every printer. 

We are showing you multiple methods of finding IP addresses from your router because a lot of printers are available in the market. As we don’t know which models and brands printer exactly you are using. Some of them will definitely work on your device to see the IP address.

Find the IP Address from PC

If your printer is connected with a computer than you can easily see the IP address of your printer by going to the printer properties. Open settings of your pc and find out printer properties, It will show you the IP address and will get to know how to find printer IP address. Windows users can try these steps to find it.

  • Open the Device and properties from the start menu.
  •  Find your printer from here and right-click on it.
  • You will see “Printer Properties” here.
  • Click on it, Go to “Ports” from here. Make sure a port is checked for your printer.
  • It shows you the Printers IP address.
Connect your Printer properly otherwise you will not be able to see your printer in the list of “Device and Printers”

Configuration Sheet

Almost every printer has a cool trick to know the full information of that printer. You don’t need a display to see the details of your printer. Print a configure page by the press and hold the Power/Go button for  5-10 seconds. It will print a full configuration sheet for your printer. Some printers have a menu for printing configuration sheets. HP advance printers have this option.

If you facing a problem while printing a configuration sheet, Read the user manual of the printer. It gives you all the instructions for setting up the printer and helps you to know how to find printer IP address.

From the Menu

Some printers have built-in display. You can navigate to the Printer IP address by pressing the button on it. Every printer has a different menu but you will find the option to see the IP address in each one.

By Mac Address

Find a sticker from your printer that should be available in the back of it. It has the Mac address of the printer. Once you get the Mac address of a printer you can easily find out the IP address of it by searching it on google.

Why Finding Printers IP Address is Necessary?

Usually we don’t need the IP address of a printer for basing printing work. It require that time when we are connecting it with a network. We can print our documents from a printer by cloud now. Wireless printing is available in latest printers. That’s why we need to connect it to a network and it’s the reason for knowing how to find printer IP address. Store your printers IP address for your own facility. 

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