How to Root LG G5 and Install TWRP on Android Nougat

LG G Series phones have always taken over the market. LG G5 is also a very popular phone and it’s used by a lot of people still. There are two android versions for this device are available. Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow. But it is not easy to root LG G5 and install TWRP in every version. For the marshmallow version, it is simple and many people have done this but for android nougat, people can’t find the good processes.

In this article, we will show you how to install TWRP and root this device in android nougat version without any error. Follow all the instructions step by step. Don’t skip or disorder any of them otherwise, you will be not able to install TWRP and root LG G5 device.

> A Desktop or Laptop

> Minimum 60% Mobile battery Charge

> Internet connection

TWRP install in LG G5:

> Go to Setting >> About Phone>> Developer Option and enable Developer option.

> Check if all the LG USB Driver are enabled

> You need fastboot files to root LG G5. If you don’t have it than download Fastboot Files first in your computer.

Extract fastboot files to a folder named ADM

> Download the official version of TWRP Recovery for LG G5 H850.

> Rename This file as “Recovery.img” and copy this file to previous ADM folder.

> If you have a T-Mobile LG G5 H830 than Download this version of TWRP.

> Now, Download the SuperSU and copy this file to internal storage of your mobile.

> Connect your device with computer via a USB cable

> Go to file explorer in your computer and open ADM folder.

> Hold SHIFT+ RIGHT CLICK >> Open command window here.

> Now, Type “adb reboot bootloader” and press enter. You will reboot your device bootloader by doing this.

> Finally type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and that’s it. This will flash your device TWRP recovery.

Don’t disconnect your device instantly, It will take some time to recover TWRP. after it’s done. Reboot your device and use it as you did before.

Guide to root LG G5 on Android Nougat:

> Power off the device by power button.

> After the phone is off, Press and hold the power button and the volume down button at same time until the LG logo shows up. It will take you to the recovery menu.

> Release the buttons for a  sacend and then keep pressing them again until the recovery mode is open on display.

> Now go to TWRP Recovery by pressing volume buttons and select it by pressing Power button.

> Press the install button after you go there.

> Select the SuperSU zip directory now and swipe right.

> Go to main TWRP main menu now and press Reboot >> System.  All done.

Your phone is rooted now with full of your data. That’s how you root LG G5 easily on android Nougat.

Why Root is important?

By rooting your device you can access all your phone settings and customize it as you want. You get the full freedom of android phone if you root it. LG G5 has very high-end hardware so it can do many things when it’s rooted but you have to be careful while rooting the device. If you make any step wrong then you might lose all your data and the software of your phone gets corrupt.

This function is a plus point for developers. All the developers should root their android phones and take its full advantage. You should not root your phone if your phone has very low hardware support. Your Ram and processor must be good for rooting your device. Many features are available in android devices but that’s are only available for rooted users so if you want to enjoy the full of your device then root your LG G5 now.

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