How to Turn off Google Assistant in One Click

Google Assistant is a very advance service that is provided free for all android users. It is a virtual assistant that set alarm for you, makes a phone call and attempts many other tasks by your command. But it has access to all of your personal data. So it’s not a good idea to turn on This feature all the time. Let’s know how to turn off google assistant.

Step 1

Go to the “Google” app 

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 7

Step 2

Click on the “More” logo in the bottom right

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech

Step 3

Now click on the “Setting” button

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 2

Step 4

Tap on “Google assistant button now

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 3

Step 5

Click “Assistant” in tab

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 4

Step 6

Go bottom and click on “phone”.

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 5

Step 7

Now turn off the first option and all items will be automatically turned off and that’s how you disable  Google assistant from your device.

How to turn off google assistant shoukhintech 6

You can Turn it on anytime in the same way. In case you find it useful after some time. 

Disable this service in Android GO, Android ONE, Stock Android and Custom UI

All of the android devices have the same kind of google setting so you can disable or turn off This service by following the same step. These Screenshots are taken from an MIUI Device.  It also works on Color OS, Funtouch OS, Zen UI,  One UI, EMUI, and all the custom android devices.

Benefits of turning off google assistant

Google assistant is a very cool feature but it has some disadvantages too. Let’s see all the disadvantages of this thing and why we should disable this feature from our android.

    • This app runs always in the background that’s why it drains a lot of battery. Turn off this app and it will give you a better battery performance on your android phone.
    • This  feature can do many more things by your voice command that’s why it requires full access to your information. So if you have a privacy issue than you should disable it for good.


Using an android device means you need full google support to run our devices because Android is made by Google and all the service provided in our android devices is given by Google itself. So google can access our data anyway. No matter you  disable google assistant or not. You have to trust Google for using an android device or you have to own an Apple device.


If you have a lot of security issues or your phone’s battery is draining very fast than you should disable this service.

Google Assistant is a free virtual assistant for every android user.   People can give commend by voice or keyboard to the google and it works instantly. That’s a very good feature if you are a busy person. So if you need a virtual assistant and your phone has a good battery backup then you should keep google assistant.

future of this feature

Google is spreading day by day and it puts the hand in everywhere so maybe we will get to have a lot of more facility from google. May they gave as so good features that we can’t refuse them. You can backup your google assistant data with your Google account and it works for Gmail also. There are many more things we can do with the help of This app.

Google has it’s own payment service now. It is known as Google pay/ Android Pay/GPayThat will be so good if we can maintain our google pay with assistant. 

If you really like this  assistant and don’t want to use an android phone then you also have another option. You can buy a Google Home Mini and use this as an assistant.

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