What is Android System Webview App? How Does It Works?

Android is the most used operating system in smartphones. It’s an open-source OS. You don’t need to pay anything for using this OS. If you are already an android user then you must have the question that What is the android system webview app? What is the role of it in your device? You also may take the decision to uninstall it.  We will know all about  android system webview apk

This app is very important for the security of your device. That’s why it’s always pre-installed in all android phones. You won’t find the separately in android version Nougat and higher.  Google has hidden this app somewhere else in your mobile phone from installed apps. When you click an external link from any app that it opens on an android system webview. You can open it in chrome manually.

What is does?


  • Android system webview saves your data and opens a light version of the website in-app. If you need to open the full version of the website you can simply open it on google chrome from the app.
  • It can help you with your privacy. Google can analyze the security error of your phone from the app.

How to disable android system webview?

You can’t uninstall it but You can uninstall or disable the update of android system webview if you have an android device with marshmallow version or lower. But we recommend not to uninstall the update because it’s helps you to improve security.

You can’t find it in the android version Nougat and higher. So if you want to disable or uninstall android system webview than you need to be a developer.


This app is quite big in size that’s why some people want to uninstall it. They think it may higher the performance of their android phone. We suggest you to keep updating the apps to get a better security from google. Your private data is very important for you. It also give you a fast web page loading service

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