What is Private DNS and How to Use it?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every web server has a DNS system. It’s needed when you connect your domain with server. There is a default DNS is provided by hosting company and there is a private DNS you can set. Now let’s know what is Private DNS and how to use it. Know all the benefits of using a private DNS. 

When you are using a web server you must have noticed your nameservers and that’s how it looks like



You can customize the nameservers when you use a private DNS. After customizing your DNS, That’s how it will look like



Private DNS is provided by the hosting company. Find your setting from your hosting panel and customize your private DNS.

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How to Use Private DNS?

After knowing what is private DNS now you should know how to use it. Using a private DNS is very easy but it’s different in different hosting services. Find the manage DNS from your web server and change your  DNS to create a private DNS. If you are a reseller and don’t have a private DNS button then you can ask for one.

Copy your Private DNS after you create one and paste it to domain Cpanel where you place the previous nameservers. Changing from default nameservers to Private nameservers will connect your domain with your server. It might take some time to connect.

Benefits of Using Private DNS

Private DNS helps you a lot to secure your website. Whois can read your web server if your site is not whois protected. By using that technology someone can get to know about your web server. Private DNS helps you to protect your site and gives you a little more privacy on web hosting.

Now you know what is private DNS, how to use it and the benefits of using a private DNS. We recommend you to use it for your own security.

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