How to View Saved Passwords Chrome Android Devices

Google chrome is the most popular web browser for android devices. It’s a product of google. It syncs all your google data including password and helps you with browsing. Sometimes you need to view saved passwords chrome android for signing from another device. Chrome saves your passwords in the browser and lets you have access to it by syncing your google account in any device.

Many online services are available on the internet and that’s why you have to create a lot of accounts on many sites. It’s not possible to remember all the password if your password is not the same. Keep all the password the same is not secure online. Hackers can get access to all your accounts by knowing only one of them. That’s why google saves your password in the browser to make it simple for you.

How to View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

It’s easy to see the saved passwords of all sites that saved in the chrome browser. Follow these images to view saved passwords from chrome in android. but first, make sure that your google account is sync in the chrome browser and you have access of the device.

Open the chrome browser and press the three dot-menu from the top right. You will find settings there. Click on settings

Android Password Chrome Screenshot 1
Android Password Chrome Screenshot 2

Go to passwords from settings. There is a search button at the top to search by the site name or username of you. It helps you to find your passwords quickly.

Android Password Chrome Screenshot 3
Android Password Chrome Screenshot 4

Click on the site address to view the password for that site. A single tap on the eye button to copy the password in your clipboard. 

Android Password Chrome Screenshot 5

You are able to see the password and copy it only when you have the password of the device. The device asks for its own password before showing you the password of any sites that saved in your chrome browser.

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All of your passwords are safe in the chrome browser. When you log in a website or create an account, chrome asks you to save the passwords. Chrome saves your password only when you give it a command to save any. Don’t save a password if you don’t want to. You can also delete the password after saving so nobody can view saved passwords chrome android. 

Chrome asks for the device password before showing any of the passwords you save in the browser. If anyone gets to make it to your chrome browser, he couldn’t view the passwords that save into it until he has your device password.

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