What is Samsung Push Service? Benefits of it

Samsung is a large company worldwide. It’s selling various kinds of electric products like TV, smartphones, Monitor and etc. Not only products, It is also selling so many services like Samsung pay, Samsung wallet, Samsung link and many other apps that are developed by them. So you may think what is Samsung push service does and why should you keep that thing in your Samsung device.

If you are a Samsung user or use some friend’s Samsung phone for a while there’s a chance to notice the app Samsung push service in your app manager, You may disable it without knowing what it does for your device. Let’s know full details of it before you uninstall or disable Samsung push service.

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What is Samsung Push Service?

It is an app that gives you all the notification of all Samsung services. Many Samsung services are available for Samsung devices and other android devices also like Samsung pay, Samsung link and many more. Samsung push service gives you notification from these apps instantly. Giving these apps higher priority is the job of push service. Basically it’s a notification service from Samsung that is developed for better usage of Samsung services. Make a decision of removing it from your device after knowing what is Samsung push service.

Samsung push service is pre-installed on most of the Samsung devices because they give you built-in Samsung services. If you are not using a smartphone from their company but still using their services then you should install the push service app manually. It gives you a better experience to use those Services. 

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Benefits of This App

  •  Important apps from Samsung like Samsung pay and Samsung wallet requires a quick notification manager. Samsung push service is the best notification handler for those services.
  • The size of the app is only 1.3MB. So it won’t affect the battery or processor of your phone that much. You will find it on google play.
  • Pop up window notification from this app gives you a quick reminder from any of Samsung services.
  • When you receive a notification from a Samsung service, It gives a badge of unread notification on the app so you never forget it.

Should I Disable or Uninstall it?

You can disable or uninstall Samsung push service from Setting >> Application manager >> Samsung Push service. But there are a few things will happen to your device if you uninstall it.

  • You won’t get notification from Samsung Services immediately.
  • No badges will appear in Samsung service icons.
  • You have to open every app to make sure that if any notification arrived or not from Samsung (If you are using any)

All these problems matter when you are using the services of Samsung. Disabling this app won’t make any changes if you are not using any of Samsung services or using something that is not that necessary for you like Samsung Browser.
So please know what is Samsung push service before uninstalling it or disable it. We recommend you to keep it if you are using Samsung services. Other android users who use service from Samsung also need to install it from google play.
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Samsung is giving its best to improve their services daily and they are quite successful. Samsung service users are increasing day by day. You can use Samsung pay as an alternative of google pay. There is a long debate on Samsung pay vs Google pay.

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