How to take a screenshot on Galaxy S8. Easy and Customizable

The screenshot is more common than taking a picture from a camera nowadays. We do that several times a day. It’s a very essential feature of smartphones. In most of the case, Taking a screenshot is easy. Some android phones have different ways to give commend to perform this task. Let’s know how to take a screenshot on galaxy s8. 

Screenshot on Galaxy S8

Press and hold the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button to take a screenshot on galaxy s8. Many people use the old way like the previous galaxy devices. They try to take a screenshot by the press and hold the “power” button and the “Home” button. It works on other Galaxy phones but not in galaxy s8. S8 makes it easier to move from a stock android phone to a Samsung galaxy device. After you take a screenshot on galaxy s8, it shows you a button “Scroll screenshot”. It allows you to take a bigger and full-page screenshot like a computer browser extension.

Smart Screenshot

Taking a screenshot by the physical button is not easy for some people. Samsung made it simple and comfortable for them. Now you can take a screenshot on Samsung galaxy s8 without any pressing any button. Swiping the edge of your hand across the screen to capture it. You need to enable the “PALM SWIPE TO CAPTURE”  option from phone settings for that.

You can also press and hold the home button to open Google assistant and press “Share screenshot” to take a screenshot.

Alternative Method

If you damage the physical buttons of your phone or don’t want to use it and also don’t want to use your smart screenshot option than you have other options to do that There are many apps available for free in google play.


This app can capture screenshots in any android device. It’s free to use and it can do many things except just taking a screenshot. It can crop and edit the screenshot that you capture. It appears on the edge of your screen. So you can use it for taking a screenshot whenever you need and any of the app you are in.

There are many other apps are available in google play. You can use any of them. They are safe because you are not downloading them from unverified websites.

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