Fix IMS Service Has Stopped Problem in Your Samsung Phone

Smartphone users face several bugs on their devices. If you are a Samsung user then you probably introduce with Unfortunately IMS service has stopped bug in your device. It’s a small bug that has affected so many Samsung devices like Samsung j3, j7, A5 and many more. Fortunately, Samsung does take action to their bugs in a very short time. They did it this time also. They find out the solution to this problem. Let’s know how to get rid of it.

This is a problem starting from the downloaded app of you. Recently ith happens with some of Samsung phone users. When they download any apps from online and install it, it shows a popup error that unfortunately, IMS service has stopped. Once it starts giving you a popup notification, you will keep getting it frequently. It’s so annoying for using a device.

How to solve the problem?

You don’t have to do much for solving the problem. Samsung has already taken a step against this bug. All you have to do is update your Samsung device system when it’s available. Samsung has started rolling out the patch for the update on several devices like Samsung A5 and Samsung J7. You will also get an update on your Samsung J3 mobile and other Samsung devices.

Alternative method

There is some other way to fix the problem but they are not permanent. You may face this bug again. You can clear the cache of your downloaded app and restart your phone in a safe mood to have a short time solution for this bug. You have to wait for the security update from Samsung for the permanent fix of this error. You have to update your security anyway for better privacy. Updating your device keep you secure for your personal data. 

All the fixes from the new update

You are not only solving the problem of IMS service has stopped by updating your device. There are few more bugs will be solved in this security update. Some problems that you didn’t notice or did before.

  • Blueborne Vulnerability Fixed
  • Facebook Application is a newly install
  • Overall device performance improvement
  • and IMS Service has stopped bug obviously.

So, Update your system as soon as possible. 

More About Samsung

Samsung is being a reliable mobile phone brand for a long time. From the old classic phone to modern smartphones, Samsung has given their best to satisfy their customers. It’s the only company that is giving direct competition to Apple’s iPhone. But Samsung is not getting the market for budget phones and mid-budget phones. Many brands like OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi are taken over the market for smartphones under budget. They are also giving custom UI to their phone so you can customize your phone as you want. 

So Samsung would be a great choice for you if you are buying a flagship-level smartphone and you love android. Don’t go for Samsung if you want to buy a smartphone under budget. Those devices have no bug of IMS service has stopped and all. That doesn’t mean you are totally bug-free in those devices You will find some small bug in every device. They keep fixing them in their updates. Budget phones of Samsung like Samsung J3, Samsung J7 is not that good performer. You will get them at around $100. You will phone with more features than this within the same budget.


Bugs is a common problem in the smartphone. Samsung has this IMS Service has stopped bug and many others that you may have not noticed yet. They are improving their ONE UI regularly. So will get the solution for all your device error in updates. Keep updated your system software. Updating software is not only about bug fixes it also a matter of security. 


Is that fix permanent?

Yes, after you update your device and this error solved, It’s gone for a lifetime. This won’t interrupt you anymore.

Is that destroying my hardware?

-This problem occurs because of the software on your phone. It has no connection to the hardware of your phone. 

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