How to Add Someone on WhatsApp From Any Country

Almost every person who uses an android phone has a WhatsApp account. They can send messages to anyone who is available in their contact list for free. The message type is not only text,But It also allows you to send photos, videos, links, documents and a lot more. But do you know how to add someone on WhatsApp if they are not available in your contact list? It’s very easy and simple.

There are multiple methods available for adding someone on your WhatsApp list and communicate with them. You can do it with your phone browser or you can download an external app for that. Both of the methods are safe and ask for no permission.

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp by Browser

Almost every Android phone has a pre-built chrome browser. WhatsApp contact can be added by the browser in an official way. WhatsApp has its own website which is

Now if you want to send a message to someone whose number is (+123-456789) you have to Go to your web browser,  type in the address bar and press go. You will see a big Message button there. Click on the button and it will take you to WhatsApp App and you can send him a message from there. Follow the screenshots i have attached to know better how to add someone on WhatsApp from any country.

Alternative Method to Add Unknown Contact on WhatsApp

Adding someone on WhatsApp who is not on your contact list by the browser may look a bit difficult for some people. There is a simple and safe way to do the job. All you have to do is install an app from google play. The name of the app is Click to chat.

This app is totally free and it requires no permission. Many other apps are available for this job but this app is the lightest among all of them. The size of the app is only 113KB. Follow these images to know how to add someone on WhatsApp without saving their number on your contact. Uninstall the app after adding the contact on WhatsApp. This app is not required anymore.

Open the app and add the number you wanted to message on WhatsApp. Press the open button and it will take you to WhatsApp App where you can send him messages.

WhatsApp Official App

In case, you don’t have the WhatsApp app for your android device. You need to download it from google play otherwise none of those methods will work.

You can still use WhatsApp messenger from your PC when your android phone is not with you. But you need to connect your WhatsApp by your phone to PC. 

Open a browser in your PC and go to 

Now open WhatsApp Messenger App in your phone, Tap on the Three dot menu from the upper right and click WhatsApp Web. 

It will open your phone camera, Now scan the QR code from your PC and that’s it. You can add someone on WhatsApp from your PC and do other things.

Whom can I Add on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a global communicating service. It allows you to connect with anyone in this world who have a WhatsApp account. It runs on the internet so your device must have connected with Wi-Fi or Mobile data. Send Photos, files, links, text to any country by this app. 

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