Samsung pay vs Google pay. Best Choice in 2020

Samsung and Google have their own online payment system now. Samsung Pay vs Google Pay is a big discussion now who loves online payment. Samsung has Samsung pay which you can use for all kinds of purchasing online and on the other hand, Google has their Google pay or android pay. This is also known as G pay. 

Many Things are common and some things are different between these two payment systems. If you compare Samsung pay vs android pay than you will find out much difference between these two most popular payment systems. These two are getting more popularity than Apple pay. Let’s dig into this. 

First-time google pay was announced at the beginning of 2018. People who owned an android device can install the app in their device. There is no limitation like other services like Samsung pay. This app is known as Google pay, G pay, Android pay. This app has so many feature that it would be tough for you to select android pay vs Samsung pay

Google Support:

Google gives you the feature to save all your payment information in one google account so you don’t have to worry about payment. So, You can access the payment data from anywhere by just signing in your google account. 


A bunch of facilities google is providing you by using google pay or android pay. You don’t need to do a long payment process after buying something. You just need to hold your phone near to the card reader and it will automatically do all the job. For that, you need to find a place where they accept google pay.

Where to use:

This card can be used not only for purchasing google product but there is much other stuff to buy with this app. There are many places now where they accept google pay and it is increasing day by day. If it increase much than it will be easy to select between Samsung pay vs Google pay.


Google never compromised your security. If you want to add a password or pin for the payment system, That would be possible but no smart locks are available for paying. So you can’t use your retina scanning, fingerprint or face unlock here.

Add Another Card:

Many other cards are available which you might use from the past but don’t worry, No need to change your card. So many cards can be added to this app. Control your other cards by using this service so easily.

Cost Free:

So many features google providing by this app but it costs nothing. No need to pay anything more for paying your other bills by google pay. It’s free of cost.

Samsung Pay

Samsung pay is a good payment system but it has some limitations. Only Samsung users can use this feature in their Samsung devices. Google pay and apple pay don’t have that limitation. Any android user can use google pay and any iPhone user can use apple pay. All of Samsung Devices don’t have this feature, Flagship smartphones of Samsung have this facility to use Samsung pay. Samsung flagship phone owner don’t care about this Samsung Pay vs Google pay thing and choose Samsung.

Card Adding Facility:

The coolest thing about Samsung pay is, There are many cards supported in this app. That means you can add MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express and many international cards here which I find very useful.

Not only the international cards, There is more than 100 local bank card also supports in here.

Everywhere it works:

Most of the card reader can scan your Samsung pay so you don’t need to check every time you buy something from a new place. This is one of the best things that can beat google in Samsung pay vs google pay conversation.


Use charge:

Samsung pay won’t charge you anything for using this. It’s totally free to use. Use this thing as much you want. Buy anything from this, You don’t need to pay extra for paying other bills from this. In the matter of charge both of the app is equal so there is no Samsung pay vs Google pay competition on this.

Best Choice for You

We have discussed both of the apps and now you know the pros and cons of Samsung Pay and Android Pay. I hope you understand Samsung Pay vs Google Pay Thing.

If you are using a local bank card that supports Samsung pay but not on Google pay than you should not discuss this Samsung pay vs android pay and use  Samsung pay..

But if you want a more user-friendly payment system and have more features on it than Google is the best choice. I prefer Google Pay Because of its google account backup system, 

Keep moving from this device to that but my payment system information always is with me because of my google account.

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