How Can You Post gifs on Instagram. Android and iOS

We share a lot of messages on social media every day. Not only text messages but also emoji, sticker and GIF to express ourselves. GIF is the most popular media to share nowadays. But do you know how can you post GIFs on Instagram? Yes, it is possible. We will show you how to do that. You can share GIFs in text messages and stories on Instagram.

Instagram won’t let you post a GIF on a feed from the app or browser but there’s a simple trick you can use to upload a GIF from android and ios both. You won’t be needed to download any other app for this and it’s totally free.

How Can You Post gifs on Instagram

  • Download the gif file first or make your own. Many gifs are available online and android/ios has features to create own gifs. Download gifs from giphy if you don’t has any. Search your favorite category and use the gifs.
  • Now go to Online GIF to MP4 converter from the link below and upload your GIF file here.
  • You can also upload the link of the GIF if you don’t want to download it to your android or ios device. 
  • After you choose the file, press the UPLOAD button.
  • It will take you to a video editor. You can do resize, add text and many more things here.
  • After you are done editing, Click the convert to MP4 button.
  • You will see a video is ready in the bottom.
  • Press the SAVE button and the GIF will save as an MP4 video in your android or ios device. 
  • That’s how you post GIFs on Instagram. 
 Now you can post gifs on Instagram with your android and ios devices. The process is very simple and easy so can you post gifs on Instagram using your PC now. I am sure you can. let’s know what actually a GIF file is. 

What is GIF?

GIF is an image that is combined with a few images. The full form of GIF is Graphic Interchange Format. It’s not a ordinary image and also not a video. It don’t have any sound. It’s more like a flipbook as it doesn’t have any sound. The frame rate of GIF is not much. You can notice the frames of a GIF. It’s getting popular in using memes and also in text messages. 

Some want’s to use the gif on their Instagram post but they could not. That’s why we show you how can you post GIFs on the Instagram feed by an android or an iPhone.

GIF images are gives you an animation that’s why it’s a become good communicative thing. Most of the social media let you share their built in GIFS. You don’t need to download them from anywhere to send your friends.

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