Android Q Features, What’s new ?

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile phones. It’s developed by Google. Every year google released a new version of android. Android Q is the latest version of android. It is version 10 of android. Android Q Features are quite promising. All the previous version of android was named by chocolate. This version of android is very much easy to use and the interface is so smooth. It is minimalistic then all the previous versions of android. Google has added a lot of new features in android q.

Top android Q features:

Dark Mode: System-wide dark theme is a big change for android. It’s very helpful for battery performance. All the google apps, calculator and system is dark mood now. Use it when you need it. You can turn it off/ On from notification bar

Smart Reply: With this feature, Android will suggest you reply to your friends’ message and help you in google maps.

Sound Amplifier: With this feature, you can boost your phone sound and mix them. You can also filter the background noise and many more things.

Live caption: With a single tap, Caption all your media and podcast and it do not require the wifi or mobile data.

Gesture Navigation: Get rid of the bottom navigation bar if you don’t want it. Use Gesture navigation for going back, go to the home screen, open recent apps and for accessing google assistance.

Privacy Protection: Privacy is a very important thing to care about in an android device because people nowadays do a lot of things with their mobile phones. Google kept that thing in mind and added more security features in Android Q.

Digital Wellbeing: It’s a very cool feature for monitoring your mobile phone that how much time did you spend on which app. It’s very useful for tracking your kids’ movement.

Focus mode: It’s very disturbing to get unuseful notification from the phone when you are doing something important. Focus mode will let you select those apps which give you an unuseful notification and off them so you can focus on your work.

There are many other features that come with android Q. Google has it’s own mobile brand google pixel. Pixel 4 is using android Q. There are many other phone brands like Xiaomi, Nokia, Huawei that are using android Q.

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