How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable on PC & Mobile

People use social media a lot nowadays. Facebook or so called FB is one of the biggest social media platform for this. Most of the people has a FB account and good thing about this media is, you can access it from any kind of smart devices like android, iOS, PC and TV as well. Some of the platform like Instagram is not easy to use from every device. That’s why Facebook is an universal media to share things on internet.

Sharing content with friends and family is the main focus of social media. Let’s know how to make a Facebook post shareable when you don’t see a share button on it. There is no point of using a social account when you can’t share media or any content with someone. You will get to know why can’t you share posts on FB.

facebook post shareable by the user

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable in PC

PC users get privilege to do things more easily than mobile devices. Here’s how you make a Facebook post shareable in computer devices.

If you want to make a single post or photo shareable from your own profile than go the that photo and click the icon from the exact bottom of your name. Select to public for making it shareable for anyone or select it to friends for make the Facebook post shareable to only your friends.

facebook profile share button enable

This trick will only work when you want to share a individual post on FB. This is the actual work of privacy icon on Facebook. 

If you want to have share button for all your future post’s than follow this trick.

  • Click on the new post area from your computer.
  • Go to the button near news feed area.
  • Select “Public” button from there and all your future post will be available for sharing with everyone.

facebook all post shareable default

How to Make a FB Post Shareable in Mobile Device

All the operating system(Android, iOS) have the same interface so you will be able to make your Facebook post shareable after you know only one trick on mobile device.

  • Go to a post of your FB profile.
  • Tap on the three dot menu on upper right of the post.
  • Click on “change audience” button and select it to “Public“.

For sharing all post from your profile, follow the same process as you did for PC.


Why can’t i share post on Facebook?

– Reason for wont’ be able to share post on Facebook is, The person who post it make his privacy settings for friends only. You can only share the post when the main author allows you to do that task. Privacy Policy of Facebook is very secure that’s why you can’t get through it. The only way of share that post is, screenshot it and send to other people. Sometime you can’t even capture a screenshot on Facebook for privacy cause.

Can I Make Others Persons Post Shareable?

-Sharing post on facebook is fully depends on the user who posts it. An another person can’t modify or customize the privacy setting on FB. 

For some case it’s possible, If you are the admin of a page and some other admin made create a post than you can make it shareable for all the people on Facebook or to those who follow the page or group.

facebook security to not share post


Developers of Facebook always trying to make the platform secure. It’s batter to obey the rules of it when you are browsing it. Don’t try any third party app to avoid harming your profile. People should respect the privacy on every internet platform for security. There are some reason why every people don’t like to make their post shareable.

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