How to Hide Photos on Facebook Using Simple Trick

Privacy is very important in any social media platform. Sharing all your information to everyone ruins your privacy. Hiding some information from some people can make you more private on Facebook. Facebook gives you full access to customize your audience for each post and photos. Let’s know how to hide photos on Facebook and be more secure here.

We publish photos, status, video, and many more things on Facebook every day. This publication can be viewed by the people we choose. Customizing these photos is very easy. All the people see our photos if we set the privacy to the public. Sometimes we don’t want to show our photos and status to all the people and make our posts private. What if we want to show our photos to specific people and block for some people. well. that’s possible.  Let’s see how to hide photos on Facebook for specific people.

How to Hide Photos On Facebook

Facebook gives us so many options for hiding photos and statuses. It’s up to us that whom do we want to show your publications. Switching between public mode to only me mode is easy but choosing specific people to see your photos is a little bit tricky.

Hide from Everyone

Some of your photos, posts, videos might be so private and you don’t want anyone to see those. Select their privacy to only me and your problem is solved. Only you can see those photos and videos and that’s too when you are logged in to your Facebook account. That’s how you do it.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to create a new post area.
  • Click on the text area and the privacy menu will appear in the bottom.
  • Select the privacy yo “only me” and upload anything you want.
  • Hit the “Post” button and your photo, the video will be available for only you on Facebook.

Follow the screenshot to understand more about how to hide photos on Facebook from everyone except you.

Hide Photos from Specific People

Two methods are available for hiding your photos from specific people or show it to some specific people. We will talk about both of the methods so you can choose your favorite one to learn how to hide photos on Facebook from specific people.

Method 1: Using this method, you can only choose the peoples who Will be able to see your posts and photos.  This is useful when you want to show your post to a few people because choosing so many people is tough.

  • Click on the privacy button from the new post.
  • Tap on the “More” button.
  • Select “Specific People” and choose the friends you want to show your photos and posts.
  • Now publish whatever you want and it will be available for only those people whom you choose.

Method 2: What if you want to block a few people from your friend list. It will be really difficult to choose so many people from your list. That’s why Facebook has one other feature so it will be easy for you to choose. This is the easiest way to know how to hide photos on Facebook from specific people.

  • Go to the privacy menu again from a new post.
  • Tap on the “More” option in the dropdown menu.
  • Click on  “See All” to see all publication options.
  • Here you see the “Customize” option.
  • Click on it.
  • Make this visible to people you want.
  • You can also choose specific people from here.
  • Hide this post from those people whom you want to.

How to hide Old Photos and Posts

The process of hiding old photos is kinda the same. You have to do the same thing but from other places. Follow these instructions for doing that.

  • Go to your chosen photo or post.
  • Click on the Privacy menu and choose persons like before.
  • Choose the option for every photo you want to hide on Facebook separately.

There is no feature for doing all your photos private. You have to manually do it for every post and video.


What does “Profile Lock” do?

People from your friend list can see your photos,  posts, and information. Any other person won’t be able to see any information on your profile.

What kind of posts you can hide?

You can hide any posts or photos from your timeline.


The world of the internet is very useful but also very dangerous. Think twice before you share any information here. People can usually misuse your photos or videos to attempt a crime. We try to keep you safe from cybercriminals. For more rules of Facebook, read the terms and conditions of Facebook. If you have any other questions about facebook security, let us know in the comment section.

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