Who Unfriend/Block Me or Viewed My Profile on Facebook? Know All Info

Facebook is one of the most used social media of our time. We spend a lot of time of our day on this platform. We make friends here, communicate with them and many more things we do. You won’t be disturbed by someone here. If someone is annoying than you can simply unfriend him. His activities will not be shown to your newsfeed anymore. If you feel more unhappy with someone than you can block him also and he won’t be available for you on Facebook. But what if someone does this to you? You will be curious to know about him. So, let’s know who unfriend you or viewed your profile on Facebook. We will also know the trick to find out who blocked you on Facebook.

Who Unfriend Me on Facebook or Viewed My Profile?

Facebook doesn’t send you a notification or text message when someone unfriends you. But can still find out that by just using a simple app. This app is verified by google play store so, you don’t have to be panic about your privacy. You can know who unfriend you and when they did that. If they unfriend you within a week of the present time than you can see their profile for free. You can also see your whole year or lifetime list of people who unfriend you on Facebook but for that, you have to pay the extra money and access the premium features.

1.Unfriend Finder For Facebook: You will get that app from the link below. It’s a google play store link. You can download this app in your android device in just one click.

2.Who Unfriended me?:This app is also similar to the previous one. If the previous one doesn’t work or you don’t like the interface of the app then you can try this one. This app is also from the play store. You can see who unfriended you in recent times and who viewed your profile on Facebook both in this app. You will find this app for android all devices but not for iOS devices.

2.Who deleted me? : Find out who visits your profile and who has unfriended you all in one place from this app. Very Simple and tiny app. If none of those app work than you can try this one. Download this app from Google play

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Find out Who Block Me on Facebook

The Facebook community cares about your privacy that’s why they did not create an option for seeing that who has blocked you on Facebook. Don’t be upset about that. We can still see who blocked you by using some tricks.Also check how to unblock your website URL on Facebook.

  • Messenger: Go to messenger by your phone or PC. You will see “See all in messenger” Button at the bottom of the conversation on PC. Scroll down in messenger, If you see someone with no profile picture and can’t send them message than they may block you in messenger.
  • By Search: If you have doubt on someone who could block you for any reason then you can search by his name or number in the search bar of Facebook. If you don’t get to see him there than he might block you on Facebook.

Don’t get excited to see unauthorized sites or apps who can show you who blocked you on Facebook. They can destroy your Facebook ID or steal your personal data. We share a lot of our data by Facebook that’s why we should be careful in taking decisions for our profile.


Those apps are scaned by Google play protect. You are not downloading them from unknown sites so they are safe to install on your device.

Yes, All the results are true and you can also check them by searching the profile from the results.


Facebook authority doesn’t let you access this information from the site directly but you are still getting this by using third-party apps. Don’t get trapped by unknown sites that can harm your Facebook profile.

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