How to Use Chrome Always on Top Mode in Windows & Mac

Chrome is the default browser for most of the people in the world. We use google chrome for different purposes. Downloading files, Browsing the internet, Calling and many more thing can be possible with this browser. While multitasking, We should set chrome always on top. This may help you to do your work faster. All the other applications are also important but google chrome is more useful because it can perform more tasks.

Google Chrome is available for all the operating systems. Popular OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux also support this browser. Always on top applications won’t go behind any other application that’s why you always have the privilege to use that. 

Chrome Always On Top Enable

All OS users like to use google chrome but windows users get more privilege to use it always on top. A lot of software and extensions are available for windows computer that makes your chrome always on top. Let’s introduce them one by one.

1. Turbo Top

Turbo top is a simple lightweight software that makes your google chrome and other application always on top. It freezes the window on top that you want to. This application stays on the system tray and opens on startup. One con of this application is, you can’t customize any keys. 

Download Turbo Top From Here

2. DeskPin

This is also a similar application of turbo top. The advantage of this application is, It’s more lightweight and easier to use. A low configured PC can also run this program and you can still chrome always on top. Not only google chrome, but This tiny app can also stick any application of your Windows computer to top.

Download DeskPin From Here

These applications are free to use. You don’t have to pay anything or find any crack version of it. More similar applications are available to pin an application. 

What is Always On Top?

Always on top is a feature that keeps a window in front of all the other windows. The always-on-top windows never go the background of any other application until you have minimized it.

You are able to make a lot of small screens of different applications in windows and mac computers.  Moving one program while multitasking is easy. The selected application came in the top and other applications go to the background. If you want chrome to be always on top and it’s never going behind any other application even when it’s not selected, You have to use one of this software.

Benefits of Google Chrome on Top

Chrome is a browser that can replace a lot of applications from your computer. Google Applications like google sheets, Google Docs, Google slides can replace Microsoft office. Youtube and Gaana can replace a music player from your PC. Almost every work of a PC can be done by google chrome browser that’s why you get a lot of advantage when you use chrome always on top. Google has its own operating system that names google Chromebook.

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Is that available for Mac?

These Softwares are only developed for Windows computers. They are compatible with all windows versions but not for any other operating system like Mac and Linux. Some extensions might help you to make chrome always on top for those OS.

Is there any internal solution available?

The flag can be used for making chrome always on top but not everyone can use chrome flags properly. You might change some major settings from the flag that affects your browsing experience.


Some tips you should follow for using google chrome. These will help you to give more comfort while browsing. Always keep updates your browser for batter security and user experience. Sign in to your Google account and sync it so all your passwords and data can be saved on your google account. You never lost any browsing data if you are syncing your google account on your phone or computer.

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