How to Print Google Slides With Notes – Multiple Slides

Google slides are very helpful for making a presentation and present it to an office meeting. School presentations are also using google slides. Making a google slides presentation is very easy. Printing the slides are also important in some of the meetings. So let’s know how to print google slides with notes because keeping the notes with slides is essential for some people.

Notes are actually a caption for each slide in google slides. This helps you to remember your presentation more simply. Write down what you have to do in the meeting on the notes. In that way, you can read the notes and do as it says.

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How to Print Google Slides with Notes

Edit all the google slides before you apply how to print google slides with notes. Don’t forget to check your notes also because they are important too. Order the notes as the slides to make a good presentation. When all your presentation is ready to follow these steps

Open a single slide

Google Slides Print shoukhintech 1

Click on the File tab from the top menu. It will open a dropdown menu like the image. Select Print settings and preview from here.

Google Slides Print shoukhintech 2

It will take a few seconds to open the print preview settings. After it loads totally, You will see another menu at the top. The default settings of this menu would be 1 slide without notes. If you want to keep the notes then click on it and select 1 slide with notes. But if you don’t want the notes then you should not change anything.

Google Slides Print shoukhintech 3

After you did that, Click on the print button. You will get how to print google slides with notes by doing this. Do the same thing for all the slides you want to print.

Before Printing Google Slides

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you print google slides

  • Make sure your slides are decorated nicely.
  • Check if all the notes are ordered perfectly.
  • The Printer is connected to the computer properly.
  • The Ink of the printer is enough to print those slides.

Check all these things before you know how to print google slides with notes. Otherwise, you may not able to print google slides or stuck on middle of it.


User of google slides are increasing day by day. It’s a cool alternative for microsoft powerpoint. You can make google slide in the online and store in to cloud storage of your google drive. You don’t need to have a read memory on your computer for doing this.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to know about how to print google slide with notes

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