iMessage Says Waiting for Activation Solved- All iOS Version

iMessage is one of the most favorite app of those people who use an iPhone. Many people choose iPhone over android just because of the iMessage feature. But if you ever noticed your iMessage says waiting for activation then it’s don’t panic. It’s just a simple problem and can be solved within a few minutes.

 iMessage is an advance messaging app by apple. The best thing about iMessage is, it can connect with your mac device and you can use it from your PC also. It has a simple messaging UI which is pretty attractive overall. Let’s know how to solve iMessage waiting for activation problem. Changing some small settings and restarting some will do this work done for you.

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iMessage Says Waiting for Activation Fix

A lot of ways are available to fix this error from your iOS device. Try all of them one by one until you solve the iMessage activation problem.

Reset VPN

Changing your VPN setting to empty will may fix this problem, try to clear all the thing available on your VPN but don’t delete if available.

  •  Go to Settings > General > VPN
  • Open the profile 
  • Clear everything that is listed in the profile section.
  • Restart your Device
This could fix iMessage waiting for activation problem from your device.

Airplane Mode

This is the basic solution for all smartphones network problems. Airplane mode helps us to stop our network and we use it to restart network all the time.

  • Turn on Airplane Mode and wait till it turns green.
  • Turn it off after a few seconds

This is a very easy solution for when your iMessage says waiting for activation. It works most of the time. If it doesn’t work, we have a few small settings available to fix your iMessage.

Basic Settings

There are some features that you need to turn off temporary and turn it on after a while. It will refresh your network settings 

  • Turn off iMessage from message settings
  • Turrn off Facetime
  • Turn on Airplane mode
  • Turn on Wi-Fi
Now you need to turn back everything to what was it before.
  • Turn on Imessage
  • Turn on Facetime
  • Turn off Airplane mode.


Applying these settings will fix your iMessage activation problem. If still your iMessage says waiting for activation then do a factory reset to your device. IMessage app is very nessasery and it’s very annoying when it shows the error.

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