How to Factory Reset a Chromebook on Any Condition

Chromebook OS is very lightweight operating system for your PC. It’s totally free to use and that service is provided by Google itself. Sometime Chromebook os freeze or you forget the password of it and then you are thinking that how to factory reset a Chromebook or simply reset it. Well it’s not very tough to do it and you can do it within a few minutes. It will help you to get rid from any stuck situation on your computer.

In case you forget your Chromebook password or stuck on a screen on your computer, Reset your Chromebook OS and do all the things you were doing before. You don’t need to boot your device or reinstall the operating system. Reboot your Chromebook OS by following these steps. Download Chromebook from the official website if you want to.

Reset a Chromebook and factory reset is different. Simply reset your operating system when you know the password of it and stuck on a screen or your device freezes. Factory reset Chromebook only when you forget your password or you are facing some software bug.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset will wipe your data from Chromebook and you will find the operating system very new. You can know how to factory reset a Chromebook and reset it password by doing this. Factory reset can be done by two different methods

Method 1: Login Screen Reset

Try this method if you don’t have access of the device. Follow this steps on the lock screen of your Chromebook OS.

  • Sign Out from the device by right-clicking the picture icon.
  •  Hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT at a time and press the R button.
  • Click on Restart
  • After you Chromebook restarts, Select  Powerwash or Reset.
Method 2: Chrome Browser Reset

Chromebook also can be reset by the chrome browser very easily. Try these steps and know how to factory reset a Chromebook by chrome browser

  •  Open the Google Chrome Browser.
  • Go to menu and open settings.
  • Go to advance settings by scroll down to the bottom.
  • Keep scrolling to the bottom and you will see reset or powerwash button.
  • Click on it and your Chromebook will take a factory reset.

Simple Reset

Reset your chromebook simply if you don’t want to lose any data from your PC. It will just reboot your PC and all the programs will be remains same.

Method 1: Force Reset

Reset your OS forcefully if your screen stuck or freeze. Press the refresh and power button at a time and it will hard reset your Chromebook. Some old models don’t have a reset button but they still have a reset hole somewhere in the device. Find the hole and press it instead of refresh button and power button.

Method 2: Power Button Hold

This is a default way to reset all the laptop and desktop computer. Almost every PC will be reset by using this method. Press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds and your device will automatically shut down. Turn it on after doing this. You will be continue work from wherever you left it.


Now that you know how to factory reset a chromebook os, Please don’t use this trick to bad purpose. Shoukhintech don’t promote any cyber crime. Try to recover your device by doing a simple reset. Doing a factory reset will harm your device and bad for the available data on your device.

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