How to Forward Multiple Emails from Gmail at One Time

Email forwarding is a regular thing for many people. There is a lot of corporate jobs where you only need to forward mail to multiple persons.  This job will be easier if you know how to forward multiple emails from Gmail. Sending a single mail to a lot of reception is easy on Gmail. The hard job is when you have to forward a lot of email to a specific person. No official way is available to do this task but you can still do that using some tricks.

Make your mailing job done in minutes if you are tired of mailing a lot of mail to some persons manually. This process is only possible when you are using Gmail for your mail service.  The chance of your  Gmail using is high because it’s a popular mail service and almost every person uses this as their permanent mail.

How to Forward Multiple Emails From Gmail

A few ways are available to forward multiple emails using Gmail. We will start with the best one that works always.

01.  Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ

Chrome extensions are the best solution for forwarding multiple emails at a time. Multi Email Forward by CloudHQ is a quite popular and trusted extension for mail forwarding. Let’s know how to forward multiple emails from Gmail using cloudHQ. You must have a chrome browser or chromium-based browser to install an extension. The brave browser will also be good.

  • Add the Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ extension from here.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button and it will start downloading and installing on your browser.
  • After you install the extension you have to open the mailbox from Gmail.
  • Select all the mail you want to forward to a person. and click on the default forward option of gmail like the picture.
  • A few options will appear and you have to select “Forward Selected emails to one email(Massage Body)”.
  • Popup window will appear on your screen and you should select “Create an Account”  there.
  • Now you have to choose your Google account that you are using. (In case you have multiple emails signed in on browser).
  • Allow the permission of your Gmail because the extension needs to have access to your google account for forwarding emails.
  • Now type the receptions email and click on “Forward Emails” to send all the emails. 
forward multiple emails in gmail shoukhintech


Multi Email forward by cloudHQ will let you forward 50 emails at a time. So if you want to forward more than 50 emails then you have to forward them in serial. 50 emails are quite a big number to solve your problem. There is no limit to the receptions in this extension so forward as many people you want without worrying.


Not only forwarding emails, but this extension can also do a lot more. You can group a few emails and send them a PDF file. Making a PDF or EML file will make those mails more portable. You get all the emails at the same place and no chance of losing any of them. 

02. Multi Forward for Gmail

Another extension for forwarding emails is Multi Forward for Gmail. All these extensions are free to use and you will get them from google store so you don’t have to worry about privacy. Let’s know how to forward multiple emails from gmails using this extension.


  • Add Multi Forward for Gmail in your browser from here
  • Click on the “Add to chrome” / “Add to brave” button to install the extension to your browser.
  • Now open your mailbox in Gmail.
  • Search for the emails that you want to forward.
  • You can search by email content, sender name or ID on Gmail search bar.
  • After you are done selecting all the mail, click on the default email forwarding option as the picture shows.
  • By clicking on the extension it will ask for your email address and passwords.
  • It can ask for the email and password for a couple of times for better security. 
  • Give it all the permission it asks for 
  • Now type the receptions email address where you want to send emails.
  • Multiple Email address is granted here.
  • Click on the “Multi Forward” button after you have done typing email addresses.
forward multiple emails in gmail shoukhintech 2


The forwarding limit is less than the previous one in this extension. You can forward 25 emails at a time. You can’t forward emails as PDF using this extension also. 


It doesn’t ask for that much permission from your google account. That would be a very powerful feature for you if you are worried about the security of your google account. So her e you know how to forward multiple emails from Gmail using a safe extension.

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03. Default Gmail Forwarding 

You can send forward multiple emails without installing any extensions also. This method is a little bit tricky and most of the time it doesn’t work. Only a few users are successfully forward multiple emails using these tricks. You can try your luck anyway. 

  • Go to the default settings of Gmail.
  • Open the filter tab.
  • Click on “Create New Filter”.
  • Fill the reception address and subject here and click on “Create Filter”.
  • Select “Add Forwarding Address” From here.

Now you may able to forward multiple emails from here but there’s no guaranty of it. The probability of being unsuccessful is high in this process. One more disadvantage of this process is, It may send your emails in spam folder,


Does this work on Outlook or Yahoo mail?

No, These extensions are developed for only the Gmail account and won’t work on Microsoft outlook or Yahoo mail.

Are those safe to use?

Yes, They can be trusted for your privacy, These extensions only make your regular work done and forward multiple emails. They don’t steal your data.


We try to help you by showing you how to forward multiple emails from Gmail using some extensions. Hope this article helps you to do your job done easily.  Doing the same work is very annoying and that’s why you may find these extensions useful.

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