How to Import Passwords to Chrome from CSV Updated

Saving Passwords in chrome makes your experience of browsing more batter. Google Chrome lets you save multiple passwords for every website. No need to enter your login access to a website for every time you log in if you are browsing with google chrome. What if you have passwords saves in one google account and need to import them in another account. It will be easier if you knew how to import passwords to chrome from a CSV file that you exported from another google account.

All the passwords saved in a google account can be found when you sync that account in chrome browser or any chromium-based browser. In case you don’t want to use that account but still need the passwords that saved there, you can export passwords from google account and import them to another.

You won’t find any import passwords option on your browser. You have to use some tricks for that. Some developer settings need to change for importing passwords to chrome.  We will make that easy so a  non-developer can also import passwords to one google account to another.

How to Import Passwords to Chrome

Passwords can be imported in many ways. As there is no actual option for it but google chrome lets you do that in developer mode. Enable the password import option in google chrome using this trick.

01. Enable from Flag

Flag lets you change the chrome internal setting that you never could do with general options. All the commands you give in the flag will be ready for action after you restart the browser. Import passwords to chrome using the flag is the easiest way.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser.
  • Type chrome://flags in the address bar and go.
  • All advanced settings for chrome that is usually not visible to user will be available in this area.
  • You will see a search area at the top of the page.
  • Search for “Password Import” from here.
  • After the search result is shown. you will see a password import option here.
  • It will be selected to “Default” in general.
  • Change it to “Enable” and click on “Relaunch” button.
  • After the browser launch again, go to the settings of the browser.
  • Go to “Passwords” from the autofill section.
  • Click on the three-dot menu on the top of all passwords.
  • The import passwords option will be found here.
  • Click on import and it will take you to the file explorer.
  • Select the CSV file that you wanted to upload for importing passwords to chrome.

All the passwords will be imported from the CSV file to your chrome browser. These passwords will also be synced with your Google account so you don’t have to import a password for every device separately. Turn off the import password option from the flag if you don’t want that anymore.  You can enable it anytime you want from here again.

Note: One thing you should know before you import passwords to chrome, If it finds any similar user in your existing passwords, it will replace it to the new one and you will lose the old password for the user.

02. Import Passwords Using Command Prompt 

In case,  you don’t find the flag on your chrome browser or don’t want to use it,  you can still import passwords to chrome using command prompt in windows. This process will only work on Windows computers. Command Prompt is a tricky program for many of us, but trust me, it will be very simple to do the job using this program. Just follow this method step by step.

  • Press “Windows + R” button to open Run.
  • Type  “cmd” here and hit the enter button.
  • The command prompt will be shown on your screen.
  • Copy and paste the red text to the  command prompt cd “\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application”
  • Press Enter and again copy and paste this red text chrome.exe -enable-features=PasswordImport
  • Hit enter again and the chrome browser will pop up to your screen automatically.
  • Now,  go to the Settings >> Passwords and you will get the import password option in the three-dot menu before all passwords.
  • Here you can select the CSV file and import passwords to the chrome browser.

Command Prompt can be opened by the Start menu also. Run command prompt as administrator for changing the chrome settings from here. It will ask for permission from the administrator and you have to allow that.

03. Import Passwords in MacOS

You won’t find command prompt in macOS devices.  A lot of people use apples MacBook, iMac, Mac and Mac Mini in the united states. They can also import passwords to chrome using their MacOS. The process is quite similar to the command prompt.

  • Open Finder in your macOS.
  • Select “GO” from the top-bar.
  • Select “utilities” from here and it will take you to all the utilities available for you.
  • The terminal will be found there. Open terminal in your macOS.
  • Type the  command in the red text and press enter /Applications/Google\\ Chrome -enable-features=PasswordImport
  • Chrome browser will relaunch after that. 
  • Now you will find the import passwords to chrome browser option in your Settings >> Passwords.


Can I Use an XLSX file for import password to chrome?
You have to convert the XLSX file to CSV file if you want import password by it. Make sure the table order is the same as the exported CSV file of google chrome.
Is There Any File Size Limit Here?

CSV files are usually very small in size if you store only passwords in it. So you can import as many passwords as you want. The file size is never getting big enough to upload failure.


This feature of chrome is used for combining two accounts passwords in one place. If you have two or more google accounts and you want to combine all the passwords in one account then you have to learn how to import passwords to chrome from a CSV file using the flag and command prompt.

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