What is the Difference Between Sleep and Hibernate in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows has a lot of power options available that you can use as your benefits. All the power option has different ways to turn off your computer. Shut down and restart are very basics options for your computer and you know how those two things work. You may be confused between the difference between sleep and hibernate. We will clear all your confusion and give you full knowledge about these two power options on windows 10.

Windows computer starts very quicky from the sleep mode but it takes a few minutes to turn on from hibernate mode. There is some reason behind it. Both of the features are helping us to save power and time. Decide which one do you actually need for your regular usage after knowing all the information about those.

Difference between sleep and hibernate mode

Hibernate and sleep mode both decrease your PC performance. So if you are not using a  high-configured PC then we suggest you shut down it after every time you finish working on it. These modes take the same action for desktop and laptop. Laptop users care about it more because it has limited power.  Let’s know the difference between sleep and hibernate on your windows computer.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode turns off your PC but runs all your open programs on the ram. It doesn’t cut the power of your computer that’s why it takes only a few seconds to turn it on back. You find all the programs open and active after you wake up your PC from sleep mode. The opened program will run smoothly after a few second so you don’t have to wait for it to be boot again.

The bad side of sleep mode is, it kills all the tasks after the power cut of your  PC. If the battery of your laptop runs out or turns off your PC accidentally, You won’t find any opened program and all your recent work will lose that you were working on. 

Hibernate Mode

I personally like this mode a little bit more because it doesn’t kill any of them opened programs even after the power loss. Hibernate takes more time to open your PC because it boots your PC again. Your PC stores all your opened documents to hard drive when you give it to hibernate mode. This is the actual difference between sleep and hibernate.

If you are using an SSD instead of an HDD, You will get more fast performance for both sleep mode and hibernate mode. Opening your PC after a few days from hibernate mode will also not affect your working document. 

How to find hibernate and sleep mode

Sleep mode is enabled on the power menu by default in your PC most of the time. Hibernate mode needs to be active from the settings to find it on the power option. Let’s know where to enable the options before you know the difference between sleep and hibernate mode.

Windows 10 makes your PC handier to use all the power option. You can activate all the power mode from the settings.

  • Go to the Control panel from the start menu.
  • Select Hardware and Sound >> Power Option from here.
  • Click on Change Plan Settings.
  • Select “Choose what closing the iid does” from the left sidebar.
  • Go to “Change that settings that are currently not available” to turn on hibernate mode.
  • Here you see sleep, hibernate, lock settings.
  • Check the hibernate and sleep mode for accessing them from your power menu.

Keyboard settings for sleep mode can also be changed from here. You can control when your PC will go to sleep mode after you leave it without command.

These modes are actually helpful for those people who use a laptop and have a power issue. Sleep mode saves a lot of power of a computer and helps it to last longer. The risk of sleep mode is, it will close all your programs for power loss. You should use sleep mode when you need to turn on your PC quickly while saving power. 

Hibernate makes your opened data fresh even after you run out of battery. The problem of hibernate is, it takes a few minutes to turn on. This point in the difference between sleep and hibernate is a matter for the user.

Difference between shut down and hibernate

You all know what shut down is if you are a windows user. Shut down turns off all the activity of your computer. It takes 2-3 minutes to boot up your computer after you shut it down. You have to save and close all the applications before shut down. If you don’t close them, you have to give a force shut down on your windows 10 computer.

Hibernate does the same thing but it stores all open applications active in your hard drive. Hibernates save more power on your computer and by shutting down you will lose no power. 


Which one is better between hibernate and sleep mode?

It depends on your usage. Sleep mode is better if you want a quick response from your  PC. Hibernate is good for those people who have power issues and can’t guarantee the power loss. Laptops and desktop both can kill the power at any time because of load shedding or poor battery.

Which one saves more power?

Hibernate saves more power by turning off all the activity from your PC by saving it on your internal drive.

What does lock work in windows?

Locking windows will bring you to the lock screen and you have to enter the password again to access the computer. It helps you in privacy.


Hibernate and sleep mode can be used to save power on your laptop. It also used on the desktop for personal reasons. Using an SSD will help you to have a better performance in both modes. A low-end PC will start lagging(File Explorer not responding, Photoshop not working)  if you use these power options. We are helping you to choose the better option for taking a break from your work. 

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