Wireless Access Point Vs Router – What Is The Difference Between Them?

Wireless technologies have made our lives easier, but we also have a variety of misconceptions about them.

And one of the questions may be what is the difference between a wireless access point and a router, right?

Also, you may be looking for an article that will have a detailed discussion about wireless access point versus router.

If so, you’re on the right page, because here we’re going to cover this widely asked topic perfectly to let you know the key difference between them and the work they handle in the wifi network!

Wireless Access Point Vs Router:

In a simple word, the fundamental difference between them is almost the same, But some things are really worth comparing, so let’s take a look at them.

Before we let you know the thing, let’s know about the key concept of a router and wireless access point.

What is a Router?

A router is a wifi device that works as an internet connecting tool for your home network, the primary job of a router is to maintain a good internet connection for your local area.

The more powerful the router, the more speed you will get from your device, of course, the speed will depend on your ISP.

How Do Routers Work?

By using a cable, a router connects directly to a modem and Once it’s done, it will allow receiving information from the internet, after that, a router will create and communicate with your network with the help of your router’s antennas.

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After all the process, you’ll be able to get an internet connection on all the devices that you want to connect to your router.

Well, now let’s come into the wireless access point, what is it and how does it actually work.

What Is A Wireless Access Point?

An access point extends the wireless coverage of an old network and boosts up the number of devices that can connect to it.

In addition to this, a wireless access point is also known as a network device that works as a portal for devices to add to a local area network.

WAP is used for offering strong network connectivity in home environments. It’s mainly allowing users to work anywhere in the home or office.

Wireless access points are widely used in public places like coffee shops, hotels, markets, etc.

What’s The Key Difference Between A Router and A Wireless Access Point?

As you know, A router is the main network hub that sets up a local network, and manage all the connected devices as well, An access point, as opposed to, work as a second device within the same network to extend the wifi coverage to cover a large area like an office or a large home.

In addition to these differences, there are still some other facts that you should look at.

A router has the ability to work as an access point, on the other hand, you can’t use an access point as a router! An access point always depends on a router-established network to work, but a router doesn’t need any help from an access point to work.

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Why Are Access Points Better?

We always recommend access points for large-sized areas or business but not for a small area like a single room or a small office.

For a small area or room, one router will be enough to cover that area perfectly. But if you’re working in a large place and looking for the best solution, using access points for your issue will be a handy solution.

But if you’re a wifi user for a long time, you may prefer a wifi range extender, we’re not saying that a wifi extender is bad, but not better than an access point.

Let’s prove how

Well, as you know, an extender is only able to cover 20 devices at one time, on the other hand, if you use an access point, you can connect 60 devices at one time at the same network without having any internal issues.

So, at the end of the day, you should prefer an access point for a large area like an office, all you need to do is just set up access points depending on your area you want to cover.

Why Are Access Points Better Than A Wireless Router?

Although they are quite the same thing as they play an important role in providing internet connection to the devices, an access point is a little bit better than a router in terms of offering more wifi coverage.

Wireless routers are best but sometimes your wifi signal will be weak and some dead spots will appear if your router somehow fails to reach your area.

In that case, you’ll need to add access points to cover your large area, so what we learned from this? Yes, WAP is playing an important role in offering more wifi coverage.

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But at the end of the day, your router is playing the most important role in your network because a router is the main hub and all your access points are sub-device.

FAQ Section:

#1: Do I need a wireless access point?

Answer: Wireless access points are not required for a wifi network, a single router is enough for a home network, it’s needed when you want to boost up the coverage of your router.

#2: Does the access point reduce speed?

Answer: When you set up a wireless access point with your router to create a strong network, it doesn’t decrease the internet bandwidth. Even if you use multiple devices at the same time, you’ll enjoy the accurate speed.

#3: What is the purpose of a wireless access point?

Answer: The key purpose of a wireless access point is to allow users to add more devices and increase the wifi coverage. You’ll be able to add up to 60 devices with your one access point, and the more you add an access point, the more device you can connect with your network.


To sum up, If you’re still thinking that a router and wireless access is the same, you’re a little bit right, but some noticeable facts need to be considered.

A router is the main device for a network, while an access point is a sub-device, but they both are playing important roles in a network.

At the end of the article on Wireless Access Point Vs Router, if you have any query, let us!

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