How to Export Passwords from Chrome [ PC & Android ]

Google chrome is the most used browser for both smartphones and computers. It gives you a lot of facilities that other browsers can’t provide you. You can save passwords for every site you visit on chrome browser. You can also export passwords from chrome when you want. In case you want to switch to another google account and you don’t remember all the passwords for your accounts.

Google chrome is best in security as a browser. You may be thinking that someone can easily get all your password if they have your device for a while but that’s not possible. To export saved password from google chrome, you need to verify your password again. There’s no way you can have those passwords without passing the security of google. Download Google Chrome if you don’t have it.

For exporting your passwords from google chrome you have to follow these steps one by one. 

Open your Google Chrome browser first and click on the three-dot menu icon from the top-right of your browser. 

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Export shoukhintech 1

Go to settings which should be available here.  Press on passwords from the auto-fill section.

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Export shoukhintech 2

You can see all the passwords you saved from here. If you want to just see them you can press the eye button and enter your device password. This will show you the passwords you saved in this account.  But if you want to export passwords from chrome then click on the Google Account link.

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Export shoukhintech 3

This will take you to the password manager for your google account. You can search for passwords from here or simply export them by clicking the setting icon on right.

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Export shoukhintech 4

Here you will see the export password option. There is a link available for exporting passwords. Click on it. It will take you to the google login section. Enter your password here to confirm this is your account. 

Google Chrome Saved Passwords Export shoukhintech 5

After you verify your password, The exported file will be started downloading. You can see the in the browser bottom bar or in the downloads tabs. Go to the download tab by pressing Ctrl+J. Press Open in folder to open the exact folder where the file has downloaded.

Export in Mobile Devices

Export passwords from chrome on a mobile device are very similar to the PC version. You will be able to find out the passwords and export them from mobile easily if you have understood doing it from the computer.  All the options of PC and Mobile are the same for exporting saved passwords.

  • Go to settings.
  • Open Passwords
  • Click on google account.
  • Press the setting icon from password manager.
  • Export password now.

Verifying your google password is compulsory for all the devices. It’s for your security good. If you don’t remember the password of your google account so you need to recover your account first. You can export password from chrome after doing that.


Store your exported passwords to a safe place otherwise all your data might go to the wrong hand. One more thing you need to check before you export saved passwords from chrome is, Syncing your google account in chrome browser. 

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to learn exporting saved password from google chrome.

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