Fix Windows 10 time is Wrong Problem Permanently

Windows is an operating system that is good for every kind of work. You can do all the office work on Microsoft office, Play games in it and many other things. But there’s a weird problem you must have faced in it. Windows 10 time is wrong showed even if you have fixed that many times. If you thinking that you don’t need a computer to see the time, You already have a clock then you are wrong. Windows computer won’t let you connect to the internet all the time without the right Time set in it. Apple’s mac computers can do this.

The solution I am providing you to solve the windows 10 time wrong problem is permanent. The time will always be correct as your time zone if you don’t boot your device or changed the time settings. You don’t need to have the updated version of windows 10. All the versions of windows 10 time is wrong problem will be solved by following these steps.

If you see these instructions and do as I have shown in the picture, You will be able to solve your windows 10 time problem. Not only Windows 10, but It also works on windows 7 and windows 8.

Open your Start menu first and type “control panel” here.

windows 10 time wrong problem 1 shoukhintech

Click on it or press the enter button. This will take you to the control panel of your computer. Another way is available to get into the control panel. Press Windows + R and open run. Type control panel here and you will be there. 

If you see small icons here. Change it to category from the top navigator. Now click on clock and region.

windows 10 time wrong problem 2 shoukhintech

You can see the “Date and time” option are available here. Click on it.

windows 10 time wrong problem 3 shoukhintech

A popup window will appear on your screen and you will see change date and time button here. But make sure you have the right time zone selected by clicking on the check time zone button. If it’s not correct then do it. You may see your time is correct after fixing the time zone but if it’s not, change the date and time settings.

windows 10 time wrong problem 4 shoukhintech

You can set your time format from here. Date format can be also customized from this menu and that is permanent. That’s how you solve your windows 10 time is wrong problem.  Now you will see the correct time on the task bar all the time.

Alternative Solution for windows 10 time wrong problem

You can set the time zone for your country from another option on your PC. 

  • Right Click on your taskbar.
  • Choose Adjust Date/ Time.
  •  You will see the time zone option there.
  • Change it from here.
Google search your country’s time zone if you don’t know it. 


Following the right time will help you to improve your work speed. The CMOS battery of your computer saves the system information of it. Damage of this battery can cause the problem of windows 10 time is wrong. If you are facing the problem after following all these instructions, Please update your windows. Having a wrong time in your windows can harm your work badly. All the online job in today’s date is time based. You also need to be updated with time to catch with them. But you won’t be able to do that if the time of your device is not correct. 

Video Tutorial

Fix windows 10 Time problem by watching this video.

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