How to Insert Date in Word Documents. Office 2013 / 16 / 19

Microsoft has a lot of services that we use. Microsoft word is one of them. We use the word for creating/customize and read documents. Sometimes it’s important to insert date in word document. Inserting a date on Microsoft word is very useful for some specific reason. Microsoft has added this feature to office 2013, office 2016 and office 2019. Not only the date, but It let you insert time also in the document. There are a few formats are also available to show date and time in Microsoft word.

You can simply insert an update-able date to your document or insert an advance date and time that will be changed when you print, create, save and customize the document. See both of the features and decide which one you actually need for your Microsoft word document.

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Simply Insert date in Word

Date and time can be shown on your word document very easily by following these steps. Follow these instructions one by one and you will get there.

  • Open a Microsoft word document.
  • There is an Insert menu on the top navigation bar, click on it.
  • You will see a Date and Time option at the end of the list.
  • By going to the Date and Time option, You will see a few formats for insert date in word. Apply the one you like.
  • Check the automatic update button if you want the time to update all the time.
  • You can also update the time by clicking on the time.

You will be able to insert date and time anywhere in your document by doing these. Move the cursor to the area where you wanted to insert date in word document.

Advance Date and Time Insert

There are different time options available in the word document. You got Create time, Save time, Print time and many more. 

Create Time: It shows you that time when you created the document.

Save Time: You save a file multiple time but this one shows the last time you save the document.

Print Time: The time you print the document, It will print that time.

To insert advance date and time you have to do these steps.

Open a word document and go to the insert option again. Go to the Quick part area from there. By clicking that, you will see the field options. Go to the field option

After you go to the field option, You will see some time formats. Choose any one you like. A left sidebar will be there that indicates which time do you want(Create Time/ Save Time /  Print time). Choose the one you want and press OK.


  • Click on the start menu by pressing the window key and search for Microsoft word for opening that.
  • If the top navigation bar is not sticky than double click on it to make it sticky.
  • Save your file frequently if you don’t want to lose your data by power loss.


Insert a date and time in word document improves your reading experience. It’s also good for printing a document from Microsoft word because it shows you when you print the document. There are a lot of more cool features available on Microsoft word. Microsoft office provides you with Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many other services. It’s a very popular product from Microsoft.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to know how to insert date in word document (office 2013,16,19)

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