How to Change Email Signature in Outlook. Easy Method

Signature helps you to have a unique identity for email service. Adding a custom signature for every email is painful. You waste a lot of time doing that. That’s why Microsoft office outlook brings a feature that inserts a signature of yours on every mail automatically. Let’s know how to change email signature in outlook and adding a new one. You can add your Gmail account to the office outlook and enjoy all the features of it. Gmail default web panel also has the feature to add a custom signature but it is not an app. 

Office Outlook is a desktop program that comes with Microsoft office. You will find this app on every office version (office 2007, office 2010, office 2013, office 2016,  office 2019, office 365). You can set a new custom signature from Microsoft outlook or change the current one. There is also a feature to specify your signature for all emails and only replies.

Before you change email signature from outlook or add a new one, You have to check a few things, You won’t be able to change your mail signature if you don’t do these before

  • Add an email account from any mail providers(Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, Web-mail, etc)
  • Login to that email. You can add multiple email accounts at a time.

When you are done checking these few things, you can know easily how to change email signature in outlook. 

First, open an outlook document from the start menu. It will ask for your password and username for the email. Enter that information and get in. Click the file button from the top left.
Outlook signature change shoukhintech 1

You will see an Option button here. Click on it and you will be reached the settings of office outlook. There is a left sidebar in the option. Go to the mail from the left sidebar.  Signature options are available on the third row. It can be different after updates. Click on the signature button.

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All the list of your signature is available here. Insert your signature to the email by selecting it from the drop-down menu in the right. If you want to add a new signature, click one the new button and type the name for your signature. Type your main signature in the bottom area. You can also delete those signatures that you don’t like by clicking the remove button.

 There are two menu options there. One for new messages and another one for replies of the messages. If you want to add a signature in all the emails, Select your signature in both one. Select only new messages if you don’t want to

Outlook signature change shoukhintech 2

Press Ok after you customize your signature. Now you know how to change email signature in outlook and how to add one if you don’t have a signature.


Using Microsoft outlook a default email manager is a smart choice. It gives you a lot of benefits. Not only changing signature, but It also gives you a notification every time when you receive a new mail. You can also turn it off if you don’t feel the mails are necessary that much. Microsoft is always satisfying its customers by their office product. Most of the windows user had installed Microsoft Office on their PC. Sometimes it gives you a built-in office. It’s getting better by the time. It’s more popular than similar services from other companies.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to know about how to change email signature in outlook. All office versions.

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