How to Delete Photos from iCloud Using Any Device

You may store photos on iCloud if you are using an iPhone. It’s very easy to use iCloud and it lets you control all your media from your Mac using the iCloud app. Many people choose iPhone over android just because of the iCloud feature. But what if you have to delete some photos from here and you don’t have your iPhone or Mac at that time. Let’s know how to delete photos from iCloud using any device. 

Sometimes you find unnecessary photos on your iCloud that is synced by your iPhone. It’s hard to find the actual photos that you need when you have a lot of duplicate images in your iCloud. Private photos are also synced in your iCloud that is not good for your privacy. If anyone else has the access to your iCloud account then it’s a matter of security. Delete your private photos before someone finds out.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud

Downloading and deleting photos from iCloud using an iPhone or Mac OS is easy but what if you don’t have any of those at some moment. You can still control all your photos using a web browser from windows or Linux. Delete images or photos from anywhere in the world. 

iCloud Photos Delete Using Web Browser

You don’t have an iCloud app on your Windows computer or Linux. Mac and iPhone have the option to do it but when you are a windows user or don’t own a mac at this time, you can access your iCloud using a web browser and know how to delete Photos from iCloud using a simple web browser.

You must have an Apple ID when you own an apple product. Use that ID and password to login to your iCloud account.

  • Go to using a web browser (Google Chrome Recommended).
  • Sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID.
  • You will find a lot of service by apple after you sign in to your account.
  • You have to click on the photos icon.
  • You will find the same interface using a web browser as you see in Mac OS and iOS. 
  • Navigate to the left sidebar for more options of photos.
  • All your photos that synced on iCloud will be stored here.
  • Select the photo thumbnail you want to delete and click on the trash icon from the top.
  • After you click on the trash button it will ask you for your confirmation and you have to allow that to delete the photos.
In case you have deleted any photos mistakenly that you want back, Go to the “Recently Deleted” bar and recover photos from google photos.

Delete Photos from iOS

iOS operated devices like iPad and iOS are easy to delete photos from iCloud. Almost every person who owns an iPhone knows how to do that. In case you don’t know how to delete photos  from iCloud using iOS devices, follow these steps

Go to the photo album on your phone. I am sure you know how to do that. Tap and hold the image thumbnail that you want to delete. Select multiple photos by tapping on them. Photos from a row can be selected by hand gesture and that is an easy way to select a lot of photos at a single time. Select all options are also available on the screen so if you want to clear your gallery,  you can also do that.

After you are done selecting the photos, tap on the delete icon from the bottom of your screen. This will send you a popup confirmation that asks you if you really want to delete these photos from your device and iCloud as well. Tap on the delete button and you will be free from those photos. So, it’s very easy to get how to delete photos from iCloud using an iPhone. A lot of service from the apple like forwarding text messages and many more are very easy to do by an iPhone.

Delete Photos Using Mac OS

If your Mac and your iPhone are connected with the same apple account then it will be so easy to delete photos from Mac. iCloud synced all the photos you clicked from your iPhone in real-time. That’s why you find the same photos on your Mac that exist on your iPhone.

Open the “Photos” app from your Mac OS. The interface will be the same as you have seen in the web browser after you signed in to your apple account.

Select the photos that you wanted to delete by holding “Command key”.  After you are done selecting all the photos click the right mouse button and you will find the delete option there. Click on the delete button and confirm it from the popup window.

You can recover the photos from iCloud using mac also. Go to the sidebar and you will find the deleted photos option there. 


How Long Deleted Photos Stored on Trash?

The photos you deleted will be saved for 30 days in the trash. After 30 days, you will permanently be lost those photos and won’t be able to recover them by anyway. So make your decision within 30 days otherwise it will be late.

Can I Delete Photos Permanently Instantly?

You can delete the photos permanently by clearing the trash folder and the recently deleted folder. By clearing these folders you don’t have to wait for 30 days automatic delete delay.


Before you learn how to delete photos from iCloud using any device, you have to know the terms of the apple so you won’t regret it after deleting them. This article is mostly showing you how you will delete synced photos from anywhere using any device. Most of the people know how to do that by using their Mac and iOS devices. I hope you have understood the way to do that. Comment for any more tips about apple and technology.

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