Google Play Store Download Pending Solution

Google play store is the largest and safest android app store. Every category of app is available here. Some people face Google play store download pending while downloading and updating apps. The internet connection is good enough but you still have the issue in your android device. That is actually a bug of the phone and can be fixed in a very easy way. A technical error like this is very common in smart devices. Some people face this problem very often and that’s very annoying.

Small or big, Google play store stuck on download pending for every app if you are unlucky. An android phone of every budget uses the same google play store and it may happen with all of the devices. The only verified and official source for apps in play store for android devices. 

Showing download pending problem in google play store doesn’t mean your device is not google play store supported. This is just a simple bug that can be fixed by some easy tricks. Google’s own pixel mobile also faces this error on their device and google play waiting for download forever on those devices also.

Fix of Google Play Download Pending

Some of your android settings can cause the download pending problem. A few ways are available for fixing this error so let’s try them one by one and see which one works on your device.

Background Data Usage:

Allow your android device to access data when it’s running in the background. Enable data usage for google play store and google play service both of the app to stop google play store download pending error. When you are running another app on your android device and updating your apps in the background, You may find google play store stuck on download pending if you don’t allow background data usage for apps.  That’s how you enable background data usage.

  • Open Settings
  • Go to “Data Usage”.
  • Choose Google play store and google play service and enable background data.
Give google play store permission to access your data when it’s updating or downloading an app. By doing this,  Google Play won’t be stuck on download pending when you are opening another app on your android device.
background data for download pending

Force Stop Google Play Service:

Sometimes google play update pending because the apps misbehave. You can fix this error immediately using this trick. Force stop the app and clear data of the google play services app.

  • Open App manager.
  • Choose Google Play Services.
  • Tap on “Force Stop” and clear cache data.
  • Restart your device.
All the other technical issues will be solved including the download pending problem in google play by force stop the app.

 Avoid VPN:

If you are using a VPN to download or update an app from google play then there is a high probability to face google play store stuck on download pending problem. Always use the real IP of your internet connection to be secure.  No matter you are using mobile data or WiFi to update or download an app from google play,  It’s never safe and easy. Most of the time internet speed becomes slow for using a VPN. 

VPN for google play stuck on download pending

Slow Internet:

Check your internet connection before you download anything from google play store. Sometimes google play store download pending because it can’t access that much data because of the slow internet. Try to use a 4G network or good WiFi to avoid google play store download pending problems.


Do all the devices face this problem?

This is a software-based problem and can happen with every android device. High specific device and low specific device both have the google play store download pending sometime.  

Is there any alternative to Google Play Store?

Google play store is the biggest app store for android devices. You won’t find any alternative to google play store which is big and secure.  Google play store not only helps you to download an app but also lets you manage them.

google play store


It’s very annoying when Google Play stuck on download pending so know the solution for this problem so you can get rid of this at the right time. Sometimes you need an app urgently but can’t get it from google play because of download pending problems.

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