How to Reset Network Settings Android (All Version)

The android phone uses a lot of networks to connect with the internet or device. Messing up with these settings will affect your network. In case you have already messed up with these settings or you are having with connecting a network, reset network settings android device. If you are facing any problem in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data or VPN, It might be the problem of your network setting. 

You always wanted to have the best network experience in sharing or browsing the internet. Sometimes your device has the ability to give you a good output but you are not getting that much because of changing some settings. Some critical settings from the network can decrease your speed and also can disable your connection.

You will be able to reset network settings android without touching any other settings of your mobile phone. That may improve your device network performance. Let’s know how to do that in a very easy way.

A lot of versions on the Android phone. There are Custom Android, Stock Android, Android One, Android Go. All the settings for these versions are different but kind of same. Follow these instructions to reset all the network settings from your android device.

  • Open the settings of your android phone.
  • Go to Connection settings >> Reset networks.
  • Enter the password of your phone to reset your network settings.
Android Network Reset shoukhintech 3
Android Network Reset shoukhintech 2
Android Network Reset shoukhintech

You may find connection settings in the different names on different devices. Look for Network settings/ sharing settings on your mobile phone. Sometimes you find it in the reset setting of your smartphone.

Which Settings Will Change?

Not all the settings of your phone will change by doing this. It only resets all your network settings available for the device. 

Wi-Fi Settings Change

The saved Wi-Fi passwords will be gone after you did reset network settings android. So if you don’t remember all the passwords for your Wi-Fi, backup them in local storage. That is how  you  backup your  Wi-Fi passwords

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Go to backup and reset.
  • Select Local backup.
  • Check Wi-Fi settings and backup this on your device.
  • You will get those passwords as a text file in your Phone Storage >> Backup Folder

Use those passwords to connect with the same network again after you reset network settings.

Bluetooth Settings

Bluetooth is an old way to connect or share files.  Still, some third party app uses Bluetooth for sharing files. You will lose all your paired devices from the list of your  Bluetooth. You can backup those by using the same way you backup your  Wi-Fi settings. 

Cellular Settings

All your cellular network settings will be lost to default after you reset the network settings android. Cellular network (2G, 3G, 4G or LTE) that you use for making calls, sending messages and accessing the internet will be reset. Cellular settings include APN settings also. All the settings of your inserted SIM card will change.

VPN Settings

VPN settings will also get affect when you reset network settings android. VPN is a private network that stores passwords, name and much information. You will lose all this information after that.

When You Should Reset Network Settings?

Sometime your device may misbehave while connecting to a network or don’t connect at all. Bugs can be the reason for this kind of error that may go after your reset your android network settings. These are the times when you should reset network setting android.

  • Wi-Fi is not connecting with any network.
  • Internet speed is very slow while using wireless network when everyone else is getting good speed.
  • The cellular network is not connecting to the internet when you have enough data pack available.
  •  Bluetooth sharing speed decrease suddenly.
  • Network disconnect frequently during a call.
  • Wi-Fi network keeps disconnecting.
  • The signal problem in any network.


You should not reset network settings android without knowing that what the actual problem is. If the problem is in the network source or somewhere else in your device, network reset will not help you. Make sure that all other device is alright and other people don’t have any problem using the same network. Check from another phone that all networks are working properly or not. 

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