How to Fix High Ping Problem in Free Fire and PUBG

Free Fire and PUBG is the most played multiplayer battleground game of this time. People from different countries play with each other and enjoy the game. Higher ping is a very big enemy to gamers. It is very annoying to play an online game when you are getting a big amount of ping. So let’s know how to fix high ping in the free fire,  PUBG and all kinds of online gaming. Lowest ping is the fantasy of every online gamer and we will show you how to get the lowest ping on android.

Online multiplayer gaming is getting popular day by day. Almost all teenage plays online games with their friend. Sometimes you have a good internet connection but you are still getting high ping and that’s very disturbing. You can get rid of high ping by using a simple trick to your android phone. These tips will work on every android device from low-end to high end configure.

How to Fix High Ping

There are a lot of ways to fix the ping problem in the android device. You can forcefully have the highest possible internet speed on your mobile.

Developer Option

The developer option will help you to get a solution to how to fix high ping problem. Get the full speed from the network you are using either it is Wi-Fi or Mobile data from your developer option of android. The developer option lets you change many major settings of the Android phone. Take advantage of it and fix your high ping problem.

  • Open Settings of your phone.
  • Go to the Developer option.
  • If you don’t have the developer option enable on your phone, go to About phone and tap on the build number frequently.  
  • Turn on the developer option.
  • Scroll down here.
  • you will find “Force 4x MsAA”.
  • Enable it and restart your phone.
Developer Option Fix Ping Problem shoukhintech

That’s how you will get the lowest ping that can be possible with your internet connection.  Play any online game with low ping by using this trick. This is the easiest way to get how to fix high ping problems in free fire and PUBG.

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Changing Server

Multiplayer online games are basically server-based. Free fire and PUBG games are so famous that millions of people in the world play these games. A single server can’t handle so much pressure at a time that’s why they separate the servers by county. Some countries use advanced servers and some use general servers.  If you are playing on normal servers then you may find high ping issues in gaming. So how to fix high ping problems from the server.

Switch to the advanced server and play the game so you get the best experience of it. In the free fire case, the Indonesian server is the most advance. You can use VPN to switch in advance server.  Do the same thing for PUBG Mobile also. All the battle royal games like these (Call of duty, Fortnite) are server-based to choosing the best server will give you the best experience.

What is Ping?

Ping is a time that is taken by the server to the response. The quicker the server response, the fastest internet you get. Ping shows in milliseconds  It is the status of the network. It depends on how much data is it gating from the server. The lower your ping is, the higher the net speed you get. If the ping is very high, you will get bad net speed in browsing and gaming. 

Most of the online games that are related to ping show you the ping count. You can manually check your ping also in ookla. Getting lower ping is a blessing for any online gamer. There is a ping meter where you can know what is the perfect ping for gaming and browsing. You should know what is ping before you learn how to fix high ping.

What is a Good Response Time for Ping?

You need the minimum response time to play a game without any lag. What is the point of having a flagship-level phone when you don’t have a good response time in ping? Here is the ping list you should have for gaming.

  • 0-30 ping is the best ping for doing all the things on the internet. You get the best gaming experience in this ping response time. You won’t notice any lag in this ping.
  • 30-50 ping is also not bad for gaming. All the games can be played very peacefully on this ping and still not noticeable. Browsing the internet is also good at this ping.
  • 50-100 ping is quite slow for gaming. You may notice some lag in gaming sometime but still playable. Other internet works will not affect that much.
  • 100-500 is very slow for gaming and browsing. If your server that much time to respond you will get killed in games like free fire and PUBG.
  • 500+ Ping is very bad for gaming. You can’t even open the game every time at this ping.


Check your ping before you enter a game so you get an idea that how your internet connection is at that time. Changing servers and enable developer option will help you to get the best ping that your provider giving you. Make sure you have the best internet provider that has the lowest ping response time.

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