3 Way to Claim DJ Alok Without Diamond in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most played games in many countries. This game has grabbed a lot of attention from the gamer. People who loved battle royal games have played this one at least one time in their life. The most powerful and cool character of this game is DJ Alok and we will show you how to get DJ Alok without diamond in free fire. The ability and benefits of this character are also be explained in this article. You can improve your gameplay on free fire by using this character. 

Weekly pack diamonds are provided daily for a week. You get 60 diamonds every day for 7 days frequently. You have to claim those diamonds every day from the store. Local diamond providers sell diamonds or you can buy it from google play. 

Some people waste their time and money on fake sites and apps to get DJ Alok but get nothing, Even some players lose their gaming ID for their action. You will know the safe way to claim DJ Alok free in the game. Not a single diamond will be needed to get the character. Follow the instructions step by step to find out the way to get your favorite character.

Garena Free Fire DJ Alok Gameplay without diamond

Good skills will make you a pro player but sometimes your friend or teammate gets more opportunity to survive and play but you don’t because of money. It hurts when you play well but your friend has money to buy maximum skills character and you don’t. Don’t be upset about that. Get DJ Alok in the free fire now to experience the best gameplay.

DJ Alok Without Diamond in free fire Tricks

3 Different ways are available to get the character and we will start from a safe and easy method. 


A lot of YouTubers and streamers announce giveaway every day. DJ Alok is one of the most seen prizes in those price pool. Some giveaways don’t have the character but give you a lot of diamonds. Use those diamonds to purchase a DJ Alok from the Garena Free Fire store.

Don’t just stick into one platform, explore all of them. Streamers are available on many gaming platforms like Facebook gaming, Youtube, Twitch, and more. Keep using all of them and participate in as many as you can. I am sure that you will get the prize if you are good at it.

This is the simplest and safest way to get DJ Alok without diamond in free fire. No risk of getting suspended or banned in the game and you will gain respect also.  We recommend trying this one at first.

02. Win Contest

Attend the free contests that are organized by the gamer community. Here you have to earn the prize by showing your skill in Garena free fire. Survive and be the last one alive so you can win the contest and have your favorite character for a lifetime.

This one is only possible if you are actually a good player and defeat anyone on this platform. If you are playing Garena free fire on the PC emulator then it would be a little easy for you. PC players get more opertunity to get DJ Alok without  diamond on free fire. Most of the gamer play free fire in mobile devices.

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03. Membership 

This method is not totally free. You have to spend some money for following this way. As you are playing free fire for a long time so you might know about the weekly and monthly membership as well. A weekly membership will be enough to purchase a free fire character DJ Alok. This package is not very costly and anyone can buy it.

Free Fire arrange mystery shop in every season. Many characters, Gun skins, Pet, Bundles are available on here for up to 95% less price. Waiting for the mystery shop and buying from there is a smart decision. Contact us for buying any pack at a low price.

Garena Free Fire DJ Alok Gameplay without diamond (2)

Why DJ Alok is important?

This is one of the most skilled characters in the Garena free fire game. The look of the character is very good and there is a real-life person available of this character. A noob player can also play like a pro player while using DJ Alok. 

Boys and girls both are fan of this character because of its ability. Professional players only use DJ Alok as their default character always. Who don’t want to play well? A lot of things makes this character batter than the rest of all. Not all have ability to purchase diamond that’s why people try to get DJ Alok without diamond on the game.

What is the ability of DJ Alok?

All of the free-fire characters have a different ability and all of them are good. The ability of Hayato is the best among all the others. It can increase your HP very fast when you have low HP and no medikits. This Character keeps getting charged while playing. Press the character when you are running on low HP and you will receive a lot of HP in a short time.


Gaming is a good pastime for people of all ages. Many players who used to play PUBG mobile are now playing this game. All the other character in this game is good if you play good enough. Many people still play with Hayato, Maxim, Kla, and adam also. Gameplay depends on your skill, not on your character. Keep playing this kind of game and visit this site for more updates about online and offline gaming. You will get all kinds of technology news here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for latest updates before everyone.

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