Fix “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” Error Permanently

Windows is not a free operating system but most of the user doesn’t buy the actual license and Run windows operating system on their computer. The people who use some tricks to use windows OS free has to face some error sometime. The computer shows you the “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon”. There are a few ways to solve this windows error on any computer. It’s so annoying for a person who faces this problem frequently. Here is the permanent solution for windows license expiring.

Windows 10 computers show you a warning when the license validity is going to end. You have to provide a new product key to renew the license. Not all of us owe an actual license because most of us use free windows 10 operating systems. Here are some tricks to fix Your windows license will expire soon problem without any product key or third party apps.

Solution for Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Problem

We got multiple options for doing the job done. In case, one of these solutions doesn’t work then you can use another one. All of the solutions should work for your windows computer.

Solution 1

Open the task manager from the taskbar or press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select the task manager. Click on More Details to expand the menu.

windows license expire soon fix 1

After the menu gets expended,  Go to the process bar and find “Windows Explorer” here. Select the windows explorer and click on the Restart button.

windows license expire soon fix 2

It will solve your windows license will expire problem permanently. This is the most simple and easy process to bring back your windows 10 computer in the usual mode.

Solution 2

Try this method if the previous method won’t work on your computer. Use the command prompt to perform this action. This method will ask you for the product key but there is a high probability that you don’t have it. Don’t worry about that. Find out the product key for your windows license from your own computer.

Open the command prompt from the start menu or using the run command. Press “Windows+R”, Type “cmd” here and press enter. Paste this command on there.

You will get the product license key here and apply it on your windows computer. Here is the process of applying the product key in any windows 10 PC.

  • Right-click on your “This PC” icon and go to properties.
  • Click on the change product key button and paste the activation key copied from the command prompt.
  • Press the next button and your windows license will expire soon problem will be solved.
  • Restart your computer if you still facing the same problem.

Solution 3

Here is the final solution for your windows license will expire soon error of your Windows 10 computer.

  • Go to start menu and type cmd.
  • Right-click on “Command Prompt” and run this as administrator. 
  • Type this command here
slmgr –rearm

Restart your computer after you are done entering the command. Hopefully, this will solve your problem permanently.

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Activity Status Check

It’s important to check the activation status of your Windows computer. If you are not seeing the warning or notification “Your windows license will expire soon”, doesn’t mean you have activated it. Windows don’t always show you notification while the license gets expired. Let’s know how to check the activity status of windows 10 computers.

  • Right Click on your “This PC” icon and go to properties.
  • Go to the bottom and you will see the status of windows activation.


What happen if my windows are not licensed?

Windows license activation will allow you to use all the features of Microsoft windows. Some features are not available when Windows 10  is not activated. You won’t be allowed to change the lock screen picture and many more personalized settings. Updates of windows will be on whether your windows license is activated or not.

Is there any free alternative for windows?

As we all know that windows is a paid operating system but somehow we manage to use it. If you want to use a legal free alternative of windows the Linux is the best alternative for it.  Linux is good for security and it’s totally free to use. All the programs and apps are also free in Linux so you don’t have to pay anything for using Linux or any Linux app. There are no license activation need for using the Linux operating system because it’s totally free

You don’t have that much gaming option on Linux because it’s basically made for the developers. Windows is the best operating system for gaming. All the other app alternative is available in Linux.  You can use Krita instead of Adobe photoshop,  Libre office instead of Microsoft office. Ubuntu, Kali these are the distros of the Linux operating system. 


Try to use the original version of windows and keep updating your windows for your own security reason. You get original license keys when you purchase a genuine windows copy. Get rid of the “Your Windows license will expire soon” problem from your PC permanently and enjoy all the features of it

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