Fix Windows 10 Headphones not Working Problem

Most of us use headphones on our computers to listen to music. Some of the devices can detect your sound output device instantly but many devices need to set up to listen to music. We can see windows 10 headphones not working message on our computer sometimes for front port and backport also. Set up your computer and fix the headphone jack not working windows 10. Use any of the port on your computer for music playback. Not only a single port but you will be able to enable multiple headphone port at a single time that can output music.

Speakers are good for music playback but headphones and earphones give you more privacy. People can’t play all the sound in loud music all the time. It’s easy to install a speaker also but plugging in a headphone or earphone and listen to music is a little bit tricky in windows 10. Desktop users face this problem most but laptop headphone jack not working is also a common problem. Let’s see how to enable all the port of your Windows 10 computer for headphones and earphones.

Windows 10 Headphones Not Working Solution

For fixing your headphone jack not working in windows 10 problem, You need to follow some instructions step by step. You will be able to listen to music on your headphone by doing the following works.

01. Detect the problem

First, find out the reason for windows 10 headphones not working problem. It would be easy to solve your headphone detecting problem if you can discover the problem.

The port of your computer can also be damaged that’s why you need to change the port and try to play music again. If one port is working but another doesn’t then the port must be broken or you don’t enable it from the settings. Usually, the front headphone port doesn’t work most of the time because of setting errors. We will show you how to fix that.

02. Enable Headphone

Make sure you enable your headphone device from settings to fix desktop and laptop headphone jack not working on windows 10 problem. First, enable your device if it is not.

  • Search “Sound Settings” from start and go there.
  • Click on “Manage Sound Devices” from here.
  • You will see all the connected audio devices here, Click on your headphone device and enable it.

manage sound device in windows 10

After you enable the headphone device to your desktop or laptop, Make this as default audio output device from settings. The process is very easy.

  • Go to sound settings again.
  • Select the input device and output device from here.
  • Your headphone should be there.
select default sound device (1)
Try to play music and hear it on your headphone now.  It probably works now but if you still face headphone jack not working windows 10 problem then continue to this article.
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03. Enable Front Jack

It’s easy and simple to use headphones on the front jack of a windows computer. Sometimes the front jack doesn’t work for a headphone in your computer but the back jack does. Here is the fix for enabling front headphone jack on your windows 10 computer.

Install Realtek sound manager on your computer. You will get a sound driver on your motherboard CD. In case, you lose the CD than download Realtek HD audio manager from their official site.

  • Open Realtek HD Audio Manager from your tray.
  • Click on the folder icon from the right corner.
  • Uncheck the “Disable Front Jack” to enable it.

Front speaker enable windows 10 (1)

04. Modify Sound Drivers

The sound driver of your computer can be the cause for windows 10 headphones jack not working. You can update or reinstall the sound driver simply and it may fix this problem. Here is the process to update or reinstall the sound drivers and solve windows 10 headphones not working problem.

  • Search “Device Manager” on the start menu and go there.
  • Expand the “Sound” from there by clicking on it.
  • Here you can see the sound driver (Realtek for most of the cases).
  • Right-click on the driver and click on properties.
  • Click on “Update Driver”.
  • If it doesn’t work then disable the driver and reenable it.

Update sound driver windows 10 (1)

These processes will solve the headphone detection problem of your windows 10 desktop and laptops. If any of those don’t work then please check your headphone.


Does it work on earphones also?

It will enable your port and make it work for every device. Earphones, headphones, and speakers all be able to play music on the port by following these steps. So you will fix earphone error with windows 10 headphones not working error.

What if the mic is not working?

Windows computer usually has different ports for mic and speakers. Both of the ports enable the same time so if the mic is not working then it must be damaged or you didn’t enable it from the settings. The opposite can also happen sometimes that the headphone jack not working windows 10 but the mic does.

Do these tricks works on Windows 7 & Windows 8?

You can reinstall and update drivers from windows 7 and windows 8 using the same trick. Front jack enable is also possible on windows 7 and 8  in the same way but the default audio device change and enable won’t happen in the same process. Other versions of windows are different for doing that.

laptop headphone jack not working windows 10


Enjoy all your music on your headphone and earphone so it won’t disturb others. Privacy matters to all the people that’s why headphone is a good choice for maintaining your privacy. Different people have different choices for listening to songs or anything else. Choose your favorite one and explore that fully. Iliggel windows might cause many problems like headphones not detected, windows 10 file explorer not responding, and more. Try to buy the genuine version of windows. Comment for more windows 10 tips and tricks.

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