Create Windows Task Manager Shortcut Anywhere

Task manager is one of the most useful features of Windows computers to organize and manage all your task. All the programs and applications run on your computer can be controlled from here. We can easily access the task manager from the taskbar but sometimes we need a windows task manager shortcut to modify a task from anywhere. Some applications don’t allow you to click on the taskbar. In fact, the taskbar disappears while entering the application that’s why you need a shortcut for task manager in windows.

We are going to show you 5 different methods to create a task manager shortcut on your Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 computer. Each of these tricks is workable in every windows operating system. Use your favorite shortcut to open task manager while using any program or application.

Usually, we open the task manager to end a program when it starts misbehaving. The problem begins when you are not being able to reach the taskbar and open task manager while an application error. At that moment, you feel necessary for a shortcut for task manager.

List of Windows Task Manager Shortcut

Let’s get introduced with all the shortcuts and tricks to access task manager anywhere. Here we provide multiple ways to perform the task and each one is very simple.

01. Keyboard Shortcut

The simplest way to use windows task manager shortcut by keyboard is pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+ESC”. This keyboard shortcut will directly open the task manager on top of your desktop no matter which program are you in. Simply close any running program from the task manager using this shortcut.

The keyboard of a windows computer doesn’t get froze easily so we can use it to fix our none responded program problem.

02. Desktop Icon Shortcut

Yes, We can create a desktop shortcut for task manager also. Follow these steps to bring the icon on your desktop and taskbar.

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Go to C drive ( Where you installed the windows ).
  • Open the “Windows >> System32″ folder.
  • Here you will find a file named “taskmgr”.
  • Right-click on the file and select “Send to >> Desktop”.

Windows task manager shortcut will be created on your desktop instantly after doing that. Use it anytime from your desktop or move it to the system taskbar. Simply drag the icon to the taskbar of your computer and that will do your job.

file explorer shortcut taskmanager

Follow the image to get rid of confusion and keeping it simple.

03. Use Command Prompt

This is another way to create a shortcut for task manager. You may familiar with command prompt or cmd if you are a Windows computer user. This will allow you to run program or modify it as an administrator. Many people don’t know that there is a windows task manager shortcut available using cmd. 

First of all, you need to know how to open the command prompt. open start menu and type “cmd” and the command prompt will be shown on the program list. Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

After the cmd black screen appears on your screen, type “taskmgr” and press enter. It will open the task manager for you.

Command Prompt shortcut for task manager

Note: You can use different ways to open the command prompt on your Windows computer. Pressing “Windows+R” and entering cmd on it will also open it.

04. Run Program

If you can reach the run program anyhow when you stuck on your windows computer, you can still open the task manager shortcut and kill any running task.

  • Press the “Windows+R” key and type  “taskmgr”.
  • Click on “OK” or hit enter to accesses the windows task manager.

run taskmanager shortcut

05. Windows Security Screen

A place where you will get an option for locking your computer and other privacy is the windows security screen. Here is how you open windows shortcut for task manager from the security area in your PC.

  • Press “CTRL+ALT+DEL”.
  • Click the task manager from here.

Not only the task manager but you will get more security features from here. Shut down, Restart, Lock, Hibernate and many other features are available on this screen. Switch between users and changing desktop passwords is possible from here. Go back to the main window of your computer by pressing the same keyboard command or clicking on the “Cancel” button.


What is the job of the task manager?

Windows computer shows all it’s running process on the task manager. All the details of every program are visible here. Watch the processor and ram usage of each program and application using the task manager. 

When the processor can’t run more tasks or face any error in the program then the program starts not responding. You are also not able to close the program because it gets hanged. Use the task manager there and end the program so you can restart it.

What is the necessity of the windows task manager shortcut?

Task manager usually opened from the taskbar of your computer because the taskbar is available most of the time. We find a problem opening the task manager from the taskbar if it’s not available for some program. A few people hide the taskbar also for getting a batter look of their desktop. That’s why it’s necessary to create windows shortcut for task manager.


Stuck on a program is very annoying for any kind of user. Some third party apps make your windows freeze and it’s not possible to wait every time.  It destroys our time which is very important. Managing all your task from one place will make your operating system more useful for you. Trying one of these shortcuts won’t block you to use another one. Use all of them on your windows computer without any worry.

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