Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Problem in Windows & Mac

Microsoft word is one of the most popular document editor and viewer for the computer. Microsoft office is a package that gives you Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, and many more services. You can buy it from Microsoft store anytime. Most of the windows PC users have Microsoft Office installed on their PC. Sometimes we see a message that Microsoft word not responding while opening it. We are able to use the word after some time or you have to close the program and relaunch it. This responding problem happens with both mac and windows. 

Facing the responding problem while editing or viewing an important document is very annoying. Some of you face it every time you open Microsoft word on your windows or Mac computer. Cause for this problem is not specified because it can happen for many reasons. We came here to give you some solution that can help you to fix Microsoft word not responding problem.

Solution for Microsoft Word Not Responding

Before you try to fix the problem, you have to know the actual reason for it. Most of the time it happens because of your  PC performance. As all the program of Microsoft office is quite heavy. Your old PC or low configured PC can’t handle office applications properly. There are still some steps you can follow to solve Microsoft word not responding to the problem in your low configured PC.

Startup Programs

Some of the programs on windows and mac start while you turn on your PC. They don’t need to manually after opening the PC. They keep opening after you start your computer. It takes a few minutes to run those startup programs. Wait till all the startup programs are open properly. Check all the startup programs from the system tray on your windows computer. The CPU of or PC is running while opening those programs that’s why it’s not good to give pressure for opening so many programs at one time.

You can turn off some startup programs so you can save a few seconds to boot up your computer. Only useful startup programs may open while booting your PC. Start some of the programs after the  PC open manually will also reduce some pressure of your CPU on startup.

Don’t Multitask

Doing multitasks in a low configured PC or laptop is not easy. Some tiny programs can run at one time easily but heavy programs are hard to use. Huge programs like chrome, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Mozilla, Adobe lightroom are not good for multitasking in old PC and laptops. Some computers can’t run single of these programs at a time. 

Run Microsoft word smoothly and get rid of Microsoft word not responding problem by avoiding multitasking. Don’t run any background program while using Microsoft word.

Disable Internet Connection

You may not use the internet but it always passing some data in the background. Enabling Ethernet connection while using Microsoft word can slow down your computer. Turn off all kinds of networks if possible while you use Microsoft word. That may help you to get rid of Microsoft word not responding.

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Is there any alternative to Microsoft Word?

People who have internet are using google docs nowadays.  It’s a quite simple way to view or edit any doc file. Google docs is not a program so you don’t have to install it on your PC. It’s a web application that runs on any web browser. You don’t need any physical memory for using google docs. Sharing doc file with other people is also very easy on google docs because it’s all online. Google services like these are available for all operating systems because it based on browsers. You just need a google account to run these programs.

Libre office is also available in a Linux operating system which is quite popular too. This application is lightweight and can be run on an old PC or laptop.

How can I make my PC worthy of MS word?

Using an SSD can help your PC to run a little bit faster. Upgrading your PC hardware like  Processor, Ram will definitely make your PC more worthy to run any program. MS Word doesn’t need a very high configured PC to run smoothly. 


You should always use the legal copy of Microsoft products for having the best experience of it. Many people don’t buy the original product but still, use it somehow. These products can have bugs that can show you responding problem in Microsoft word.

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