How to Get Free Fire Free Diamond. Unlimited Diamond Hack possible?

Free Fire is a popular game for mobile. Many people play this game worldwide. If you are a fan of this game then you just wanted to have a Free Fire free diamond. You can do many things with diamonds in the game. You can have many gun skin which has special skills. Your gaming skills can be developed by diamond. Everyone thinks at a point that how to hack unlimited diamond on free fire and have all the facilities.  But it is an online game so you can’t have an unlimited diamond hack as you do it in other offline games.

Free Fire Free Diamond Tips in a legal way :

  • Collect from Lobby: You can collect some diamonds from the lobby. Some players get a gift box in the game. They drop it in the lobby what is open for all the players available in the lobby. You can get up to 100 Diamonds from there. It depends on your luck.
  • Complete Event: Free Fire organize many events for its players and some of them let you have diamond if you complete those events. To know about the free fire free diamond event, Keep checking the event menu.
  • Collect Gift Box: You can have many gifts box by completing the mission in the game. Sometime Garena free fire gives you some mission to collect gift boxes. You can use them in the Lobby. You and your teammates can collect it faster from other players in the lobby.

Unlimited Diamond Hack Possible?

Many people want to hack unlimited diamond on Garena free fire so they can have many facilities with this. They can have free elite pass in Garena free fire, All gun skin, All the character. If anyone has free elite pass so they get more gifts from the game what is only available for elite pass holder.

No, an Unlimited diamond hack is not possible in Garena free fire or it’s not possible to have free top up on Garena free fire. You can not hack diamond in free fire mobile or free fire emulator. It’s an online game and Garena is too secure for hacking its diamond.

Even it’s not possible for any of online games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty and others.

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Sometime people become very excited about unlimited diamond hacking and got their id banned. Garena doesn’t allow Hacking so be careful. Don’t loose your game ID for such kind of stuff. If you are a good player and have a good skill then you can play this game with your ability. No need to do hacking for that.

You can top up 5 Diamond with a very low price from your local diamond provider and you don’t need to share your ID password for that. You just have to give him your game ID for that.

If you want to know anything more about this kind of battle royal games then leave a comment. I will try to answer your question.

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